There’s no shortage of open air type cafes and bars in Hua Hin and although (Hua Hin) being the countries area with the least amount of rainfall and some pretty hot weather, you’d think they should be moving everything indoors with a good air-con system. But there’s a time and place for these cafe’s and it helps keep that traditional, beachy/tropical vibe that we all love about Thailand.

This little spot (Yummy Corner Cafe) is a perfect example. Like I said, there’s a lot of outdoor cafe’s around, but to get the right vibe, that beachy/tropical vibe (particularly when you’re not sitting on the beach front) isn’t as simple as a couple of chairs and a bar (well for some it might be :-)). Nicky has pulled this off pretty nicely with the nice rustic wooden furniture, chalk board menus, beach type ornaments hanging around the place…it’s just a great place to chill. This place isn’t just beachy, it’s homey, it cozy. it’s open…geez – there’s too many words to describe this place. You can work from here, you can read a book, you can have a beer with your mates – it really is suitable for most occasions.

For the Aussies, you’ll notice some familiar items on the menu such as the “Flat White” and although I wouldn’t say it’s best coffee in Hua Hin, it’s not a bad one and has advantages over a lot of  the other cafe’s such as.

  • The vibe of course
  • The opening hours (They open at 7:30 am unlike a lot of other places which open at 9:30-10:30).
  • Amazing Food – the food here is not just rated well by me but a lot of tourists who have stopped by this place – just check out their trip advisor ratings
  • And last but leas – the price! Really cheap for the quality of food

This place is well situated and sits on the main street of Khao Takiab so you have a heap of restaurants (if you’re just stopping for a coffee) and shops to visit right outside the front door. It’s also only a 2-3 minute walk from the beach to walk off your meal so you’re ready to come back for seconds 🙂

If you get here early in the morning, I think you get a real cultural taste of Khao Takiab. It’s nice and fresh and if you plonk yourself down along the bench facing the street, you can just sit and watch the local thai people setting up their little food stalls along the road. The area is quite a popular little spot for the locals – stopping to do a bit of morning shopping or sitting themselves down for a quick thai breakfast or just grabbing something on the go. You really do just sit and watch the world go by – very peaceful.

Not only is Yummy Corner Cafe all open, but it sits on a corner, and with both sides of the cafe being fully open, you get a good breeze passing through the place.

There’s a good 4-5 tables in the main cafe and a nice long bench facing out to the main road – I took bench today, grabbed myself a cappucino and watched the world go by.

Coffee – 3.5 stars

Food – 4 stars

Location – 4.5 stars

Definitely worth a visit!

Check out their facebook page here.



  • Ben says:

    I would have to agree, a great little place to simply have a coffee and catch up with friends!
    Something you may not have been aware of, they use a blend of Thai Green Beans, freshly (Double) roasted every week for that strong dark rich coffee flavor.

  • Patrick Jacobs says:

    Opening hours 7:00 AM

  • Heinz Studer says:

    I love Yummy Corner Café, the best coffee, OJ, food, and most charming Nicky and her staff – miss 24/7 when I am not in town. Back on Moday, March 21th, 2017 – Greetings, Heinz

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