I wasn’t going to give this place the time or day when I first saw it open – but glad I did!

I was initially put off by the opening hours – (opens at 10:30am) – which made me think if they cared anything at all about their coffee they wouldn’t open that late of a morning. The cafe actually sits right next door to one of my favourites (Bliss) and hence how I found out about this place – I saw their sign only about a week ago advertising coffee and desserts – but as already mentioned – if someone is going to serve good coffee – you open your doors a lot earlier than 10:30am.

The coffee was surprisingly good – in fact probably it falls into the top 10 coffee’s (on my list) in Hua Hin. The taste and strength was above average and the froth and texture was just perfect! I was quite shocked as I really wasn’t expecting anything special from these guys but figured I need to blog on the bad and the good – so I should pop in and see how it is anyway – however this one turned out to be good and one I’ll be coming back to do a review on it.

The people sitting next to me ordered a dessert – it was really impressive. It was a cross between a bowl of ice cream and chocolate fondue. It was served on a long rectangle tray witht he ice cream on one end and a bowl of melted chocolate sitting on top of a candle to keep it melted – nothing I’d seen before and the people seemed to be really enjoying it.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be coming back here to take a good look at the menu and do a proper review on this place!

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