So I thought I had it all planned this morning…Swim in the pool, breakfast and review, and perhaps another coffee afterwards just to keep the blood running…But it was a “Thai” day (a day that never goes according to plan…they come around about…oooooohh…once ever 2 days). I had a swim in the pool at 6:30am and planned to be at Warm Wood Cafe for a nice breakfast afterwards (around 7:30am)…but that wasn’t the case today. As I approached I could see all the blinds were closed (opening time is 6:30am) and thought “yep – it’s gonna be Thai day today” and when I rocked up to the front door there it was…the big red “closed” sign!…Ah well…time to move on. Anyway, I decided to pop in to Rocket s49! You’ve seen it before, but here it is again…I can never have too many coffees from this place…love it!

Hopefully I can get to Warm Wood tomorrow (will aim for 9am this time) and see what it’s all about – menu does look good!

You can check out my review on Rocket s49 here

Warm Wood Cafe Facebook Link: Warm Wood Cafe

Rocket Website Link: Rocket S49

P.S. – I had to follow up on this because checking the Facebook page the following morning I see this.

warm wood


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