This place had my head turning 180 degrees just riding past it! It sits on a corner of one of the main streets in Pak Nam Pran (337-339 Moo 2 Paknampran, Ban Pak Nam Pran, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand)  just before you hit the beach, so being a corner place it’s quite easy to see. But with it’s multi bright retro look you honestly can’t miss it! Like Yummy Corner Cafe this place not only sits on a corner, but both sides are fully opened up so you get that nice morning sea breeze passing through.

So this place caught my eye, and in a couple of seconds I was hangin a U turn and parking up along side the cafe to see what it as all about. I’m not sure what it was, (perhaps it was the large shiny silver coffee machine sitting on the counter) that made me think this place was worth my first coffee for the day, but something did. I didn’t even look at the menu because with a machine like that you HAVE to do a cappuccino or latte, so I ordered a cappuccino without hesitation and the barista got to work!

When looking into the place, you won’t miss the inviting four retro seats/sofa chairs (bright pink, bright blue, bright green and red) sitting up by the counter with two 1960’s style televisions staring straight at you – kind of looks like stepping into a little “time hub”. This would have been my choice for seating, and it was, but I needed a power cable and searched every nook and cranny around the area for a power point before I was like “damn it – alright I’ll sit over there” (where all the power points were).

There’s a good 5-6 table inside the cafe ranging from wooden chairs and tables to sofa’s and cushioned chairs. The outdoor area which is more like a porch running around the corner of the cafe and has about 5-6 tables as well.

When my coffee arrived I could tell they knew what they were doing here just by the texture and thickness of the foam – now it was down to the coffee beans as to whether the taste would match the presentation and texture. I wasn’t disappointed, in fact I was impressed, as I wasn’t expecting much being so far outside of Hua Hin and these guys put out a good coffee. The strength was perfect and the taste was above average, nothing brilliant, but definitely much better than 75% of other cafe’s around the Hua Hin / Pranburi area.

I checked out the menu while I was there and although being mostly Thai, they have a good range of breakfast options like scrambled and fried eggs on toast as well as the thick toast they love so much here in Thailand that comes with all sorts of topping including ice cream and every other sweet thing you could think of.

If you’re visiting this place the same way I did (coming from Hua Hin) – you also get to enjoy an amazing drive through the Pranburi area. I was on the scooter and getting the fresh breeze blowing on your face whilst coming down roads bordered with palm trees and amazing countryside – it really clears your head! This was the perfect start to the morning – shame it couldn’t have lasted all day!

I’ll be back to this place for sure.


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