With a name like “Raan Khao Mang Ghai”…guess what they serve up…yep – Khao Mang Ghai! And they do an amazing job of it.

This place would easily be in the top 2 places for me to eat eat Khao Maang Ghai (the other is in Khao Takiab), however I don’t come here as often as I should. This morning I figured I’d take the push bike out (bicycle) and go for a Khao Maang Ghai breakfast (it’s a popular morning dish here in Thailand). What a morning! The sun was out, clear skies and being only 8:30am the temperature was just perfect! I’ve given this place a 5 star for their food because although it might not be the most artistic or elegant dish you’ve even seen, it’s not meant to be either. It’s all about how good the chicken is cooked and the secret sauce you put on top…for this particular dish these guys do it just perfect!

I’d really recommend this trip for anyone living or visiting Hua Hin. The roads are nice and flat (well mostly) from the Hua Hin city all the way to Khao Tao and there a great new bike track which runs a good 75% of the way so you’re off the main road for a lot of the trip. You can hire bicycles from a lot of places around Hua Hin, just ask around. At 8:30am in the morning the temperature is perfect too (unless it’s raining of course), and there’s a good cafe or two to choose from if you wanted to grab a coffee or sit in an air conditioned room before your ride back. I stopped by a great little place 1d+ Day Artist.

1d+ Day Artist is like stepping into a chilled cafe on the Mediterranean somewhere. With it’s see through curtains hanging from the ceiling, the sun creates different shades of light and shadows throughout the cafe just like I’d find back in Italy, Portugal or Croatia. There’s also Spanish guitars and other Mediterranean like ornaments around, and when this morning there was some soft playing Spanish music – they’d set the perfect vibe for this place, the architecture, furniture and outdoor garden was all consistent with whole vibe.

Why I don’t make this trip more often, I don’t know – perhaps it’s just a routine thing and means I have to think more than I normally do in the morning 🙂 Will be making this trip again in the next week or two!

The rating is only based on Raan Khao Mang Ghai as I’ll be doing a separate post on 1d+ Day Artist in a couple of days – but you can check out their facebook page here.

Happy Monday!

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