If you’re looking for traditional, quality Italian breads and home made pasta’s – this is a MUST!! Walking into this place reminded me of stepping into a┬ápanificio back in Italy. You can see the quality breads, pastries and pizzas on display as soon as you enter. There’s a huge variety of breads including ciabatta, focaccia, baguettes and more, as well as a great range of pizzas and pizza type breads.

Pane and Focaccia also have a great range of home made dishes in their fridge ready for you to take home to eat, or to eat there in the cafe. The fridge includes foods such as

  • Pizzas and Pizza bases
  • Home made pasta’s (some on their own, some mixed with a sauce)
  • Lasagna
  • Melanzana

They also have a great food menu for dining in the cafe and they make a good coffee.

I won’t say much more as a review on this place is coming soon – but if you’re Italian and missing the food back home (or you just LOVE Italian food) – then this place is MUST stop!

  • Food Quality
  • Price
  • Coffee
  • Location

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