New Menu and New Specials! Never disappointing coming to this place, even with their regular menu, however recently The Market Cafe and Bar has added quite a number of dishes to their menu.

As well as a new menu, they also have a good special going on at the moment with their “Salad and Cold Cuts Bar – all you can eat: Only THB 220”. It’s a great little setup with a range of salads and meats around the bar/cafe for you to pick and add to your plate when and as you please. Some of the other specials include.

  • 50% off when purchase Pizza, Pasta or Main Course.
  • Free Flow Wine for 2 hours including Salad and Cold Cuts Bar only THB 499.

All these specials are available everyday for Lunch and Dinner

But back to this new menu! I’ve got a couple of images of their menu (taken from their facebook page). Now this is only an “addition” to their previous menu, so still expect to see all the dishes you might be familiar with, but just with more!

I’ve tried three of the new dishes including:

  • The Prawn, Melon and Rocket Salad
  • The Grilled Prawns with Mango Salsa
  • Poached Eggs with Asparagus, Parma Ham and Grain Mustard Dressing

The two salads are an amazing mix of ingredients and using good quality seafood. I have to say the portions aren’t really large, but that was perfect because both times I ordered a salad I ordered it for that reason – I wasn’t after something heavy. The flavour though on both these salads was really something different and the selection of ingredients made a perfect match with each other.

The Poached Eggs (always one of my favourites) was just brilliant. You see a lot of Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine around – but why people don’t try to make other variations – I don’t know. Here’s an example of another great selection of ingredients/foods to make a unique and tasty dish. I love my eggs on toast – and this mix just amplifies the whole tasting experience with a Wow factor!

I recommend to get in and check out the new menu and try some of these dishes yourself – well done to the creator of the menu!

You can check out their facebook here

  • Food Quality
  • Price
  • Location

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