One of Thailand’s popular desserts – Bingsu! Out of all the Bingsu’s I’ve had here in Hua Hin, Cafe Delices has been the best, and for good reason too.

This dessert is actually a Korean dessert, and hence the name “Bingsu” which means “Korean shaved ice dessert”. When first seeing this dessert, I thought the center was just a big bowl of ice cream, however this shaved ice is quite light and fluffy (much like fresh snow) and is more like ice and milk than ice cream (so not heavy like ice cream).  It’s generally served in a bowl filled with this shaved ice, and then covered in pieces of fruit and other toppings (like a scoop of ice cream, syrups, condensed milk etc. – each place does the topping a little different and you can choose what you want). The Bingsu in these pictures is made of Melon, and the pieces are scooped out into balls using a spoon, this is my preferred Bingsu. Other popular fruits are Mango and Strawberry. For me, this is the best Bingsu in Hua Hin, however I haven’t visited all dessert cafe’s here and would be interested to hear of any others that might be up there with the best in Hua Hin.

So what makes Cafe Delices my favourite? Well the big difference I found between all the Bingu’s I’ve tried in Hua Hin was the freshness of the ingredients, in particular the fruit. You can get the ice shaving part done right, but if the fruit is not ripe, not fresh or just bland – then it ruins the whole dessert. The fruit at Cafe Delices is always fresh, due to the fact it’s grown and delivered fresh from the owner’s (Nud) farm in the north of Thailand. The Melon served in this Bingsu was nice, sweet and soft – unlike other Bingu’s where the Melon is quite bland and a little tough. Also, like anything else, you can generally just taste the “freshness” in foods when fresh ingredients are used, and that’s the taste you get from the fruit here at Cafe Delice – this goes for the smoothies as well.

On this visit, we also had a Kiwi and Melon smoothie – I’m HOOKED on this one – it’s absolutely delicious, and for a drink with NO ADDED SUGAR, it’s packed with flavour and sweetness – I think I’ve had it 3 times this week haha.

There’s a real “hominess” to this place, it really feels like you’re stepping into your friends cute little beach house and being served fresh food – all made in house, including the ice cream which all made fresh inside the cafe with their ice cream machine/maker. The owner “Nud” is always happy to have chat and speaks very good English (probably better than mine actually :-)) and more importantly – always has a smile on her face. With the fresh air breezing through, the bright beachy furniture, energising drinks/food, and the smiling, positive vibe from the owner – this place really perks you up for the day!

With the hot weather cranking out here at the moment – this cafe is a MUST stop if you’re wanting some cold, fresh and in the Khao Takiab area.

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