I’m a little early on this post as Millers Bistro hasn’t opened it’s doors just yet, however I’ve been lucky to come in and try some of their breads, pastries, food and coffee that this new restaurant will SOON be offering.

After my first intro to the owner behind this place I was really impressed – Ken really seems to know what he’s doing particularly when it comes to delivering quality. The people behind managing and running these 3 areas (Bistro, Bakery and Butcher) aren’t just ordinary staff, but quite well known in their field for delivering quality food!

So far I’ve tried the breads, pastries, a couple of main dishes and their coffee – all of which had a “wow” factor on first taste! Not only will this place be serving quality food, but the space, comfort and whole ambiance of this place is nothing less than “brilliant” in my opinion.

To start with, the place is HUGE and will be operating as a Bistro (Restaurant), Bakery and Butcher, so a lot of what you’ll be ordering on the menu will be made fresh in house. I’ve had a sneak peak at the menu (and you can to if you visit the website) and the dishes sound…well…delicious! There’s almost nothing on there I wouldn’t eat. Chef Gary has passed a few of his creations out for me to taste, and even dishes I would normally shy away from, I loved them.

The bar will be serving a good selection of beers including Guinness ON TAP! The wine selection is fantastic including some quality Italian Prosecco which will need to be re-stocked regularly if I’m visiting this place often enough. Then there’s the cocktails – a unique list created by the cocktail maker and renowned around some of the popular hotels here for her cocktails.

An now the coffee…aaahhhh the coffee. Firstly their quality Rancilio coffee machine has been purchased indepently and so they’re not under any contract or obligations to buy coffee from a certain supplier (which a lot of places are as they provide them the coffee machine for free). So this was a good start – and so I had to ask them where they got their coffee beans from. I was blown away with the owners knowledge on coffee beans and where to source them. I won’t go on about the coffee and beans too much here cause I probably won’t stop – but they’ve been sourced by a number 1 location in Indonesia and I tried my first “Millers” coffee today and I was not dissapointed!

The location…well that’s always a difficult one to rate because there’s so many factors. I’ve given it a 4 star because it’s got plenty of space and adds to the whole ambiance. It’s not crammed in amongst a heap of other restaurants and if to find this size block of land for holding such a big restaurant in the city would be quite difficult. It is a little while out of the main city however and might be difficult to find on your first visit – hence why I wouldn’t give it 5 stars for the location. I’ve provided a clear map however below.

While Millers prepare for their opening, I sit here most days working away on my laptop as it really is such a comfortable place to pass a whole day (for me anyway).

I can’t wait until these guys open and I’m sure the rest of Hua Hin is gonna love it just as much as I will!

You can check out their facebook here

You can check out their website here

Although the website isn’t up and running yet, here’s the address – there is a page where you can signup to download a copy of the menu (which may change slightly before the opening).

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