I almost can’t describe the setting of this place – it’s just the perfect place for sipping your favourite coffee while sitting under the shaded outdoor area and watching the great scenery surrounding. This was my first visit to 7 Grams Coffee’s cafe and I’ve been HANGING to visit here ever since they closed their doors for renovations around October 2016. My first visit (back in October) I was super excited to see this cafe’ I’d heard so much about from friends and having seen photos on Facebook – but I was sadly disappointed when arriving to see they’d closed their doors for renovations.

The only way to experience the great coffee of 7 Grams Coffee was to visit their other outlet in BluPort Shopping Mall – and although the coffee was great, it just doesn’t have the relaxed vibe and fresh outdoor seating area that their cafe has to offer. You could really spend most of the morning (even afternoon) here because the place is well shaded, so you’re never sitting under the sun and the view surrounding the area is perfect – it’s built well off the main road (Phetkhasem Road) and sits almost on a lake so you’re surrounded by water. To have all this and then amazing coffee on top – it’s probably just become my favourite cafe in Hua Hin.

I ordered a Cappuccino followed by a Macchiato. The Macchiato was by far the best I’ve had in Hua Hin and up there with the best in Thailand. Although there’s some great cafe’s here pumping out quality Cappucino’s and Latte’s, the Macchiato really comes down to the quality of the coffee and the roasting…because that’s pretty much all your drinking…the coffee. With a Cappuccino (or latte) the quality of coffee can sometimes be hidden with the amount of milk added, and although the cappuccino’s I’ve had from other cafe’s here are pretty amazing, the Macchiato’s have been somewhat average due to the beans or roaster. It’s a shame I don’t have a photo of my Macchiato – I think I was so taken back with the smell when it arrived I knocked it back like a shot of Tequila at bucks party!

The overall experience??? Well I actually set myself up under an umbrella close to the terrace’s edge (over the water) before saying hello to the owner “Apa” (who was sitting closer to the cafe doing what looked like some book work) before thinking “hey, I’ll come and join you for a coffee” – and I did. So I spent most of the morning chatting with Apa sipping coffee! An amazing woman with a really laid back presence and makes you feel …well..at home! I chilled for a good hour with Apa and just chatted away about life in Thailand and life back in Australia (Apa has spent a good few years in my home town Melbourne – so there was a lot to talk about).

This place was awesome! I’d had my breakfast for the day but figured I’d check out their menu to see what they had on offer…Wow! One of the first items on the menu was my favourite – the Eggs Bendict! I won’t go on about the rest of the menu because I’ll be returning here tomorrow for a review on this place and DEFINITELY trying out their breakfast menu!I’ll be sure to put some photos of the menu up as well!

All in all it was a fantastic start to the day and probably what I needed – a little time out to relax. I think this is my first post in about 1 month due to the craziness of the last few weeks or so and I think this place inspired me to get back to my blog and do more of what I love doing – drinking coffee, enjoying a good breakfast, taking photos and writing about it!

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