What luck finding this little gem! I wasn’t looking for a great coffee – just some cafe’s and things to do around the hotel I was staying for a short stay in Bangkok.

We were staying at a place in an area called “Town in Town” and I had my Google maps open looking at the markers for all the cafe’s and restaurants around when this little cafe popped up. I thought with a place like “Espressoman” these guys had a specialty, and it was obviously coffee!

I didn’t look these guys up on the internet prior to arriving, but rather guessed by their name they would be serving coffee. I was a little surprised when first arriving as (what seems to be) the main purpose of this place is their sales of Espresso machines and other coffee supplies…however – it is actually a cafe as well – phheewww!

It actually reminded me a little bit of Pacamara (another great cafe in Bangkok also selling coffee machine supplies and beans) but a bigger version. They have a good 10 or so commercial grade espresso/coffee machines and heap of other supplies and freshly roasted coffee beans.

I ordered a cappuccino with a double shot – wham! It was awesome and the perfect caffeine hit I was looking for. The “perfect” size cup to contain the “perfect” consistency of coffee and milk and the foth done to “perfection”…”perfect”, “perfect”, “perfect”!

Oh – and the coffee was only 65 baht – incredible!

The location you might think is a bit of the way, but this area is packed with some incredible cafe’s, bars and restaurants and is well worth the visit if you’re a foodie – you could spend 3 days here at least checking out the great food and drinks!

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