Phad Krapow Talay – NAILED IT!!!

I love it when you rock up to a restaurant for the first time and they exceed your expectations! I pass this place every day and for the first time today (or this evening), I popped in to try them out.

Here’s what I ordered

  • Phad Krapow Talay Lat Khao (Stir Fried Basil with Seafood on rice – Extra Seafood and no chili)
  • French Fries
  • Wine Dang (Red Wine)

I hadn’t had a serve of French Fries for a while and saw they had these on the menu so I had to give em a crack. I do love a good bowl of french fries and with guys being close to home I wanted to see if I had somewhere local I could go to for my French Fries fix – and I found it! They wouldn’t be the “best” french fries I’ve had in Hua hin, but they sure do a fine job and they have the crispy outside and pillowy inside that I love. They also do a good serving, certainly enough to share between two people (maybe more). So that box was ticked – well done! But this wasn’t the highlight.

The Phad Krapow Talay was what exceeded my expectations, it looked awesome from 5 meters away before the plate even hit the table. I could see the egg yoke sitting on the top of my meal – bright yellow, shiny, liquidy – it was ready to burst! I knew with one tap of my folk, the egg yoke was gonna dribble all through the rice and give it that extra kick of flavour. The seafood was a generous serving (I did ask for extra) and looked to be quality – good sized shrimp and calamari and not over cooked – there was the perfect amount of sauce added too, enough to finish the full serving of rice (sometimes if the sauce is minimal, it’s really only enough to finish half a serving of rice without it being too bland in flavour/taste).

The taste and texture of this delightful dish was incredible. Egg – Cooked perfectly, Rice – nice and fluffy (not gluggy or dry), Seafood – quality seafood and cooked to perfection, and the sauce – done just right!

I wouldn’t say I was expecting bad food when I came to this place, but certainly not the quality that was dished tonight – VERY IMPRESSED! and definitely exceeded my expectations before trying it out.

Another great little restaurant I’m proud to call “my local” and looking forward for another meal there tomorrow!

That’s it – will do a better review once I’ve tried a few more meals from here – won’t be long! 🙂

  • Food Quality
  • Price
  • Location
  • Ambiance

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