I’m not sure if they have a new barista or whether the last time I blogged about the coffee here they just had someone filling in – but I figured I had to write another blog on this place because my most recent coffee experience here is FAR better than the coffee I explained in my previous post.

I haven’t chosen to drink coffee here for a good 3 months since I wrote my review on this place as the coffee was really average. The milk/froth was burnt and the quality of coffee was pretty average.

Today I dropped in to have a meeting with a friend and figured I’d order a coffee. I’d ordered what I thought would be an average coffee but figured I needed the coffee hit more than anything so I wasn’t to bothered – just GIVE ME CAFFEINE!

When the coffee arrived it already looked much better than what I remembered, the foam looked thick and creamy and perhaps served in a different cup. So I sprinkled a bit of sugar on top of the froth (as I always do) and dropped some to the bottom of the cup to sweeten it up a little and gave it a bit of a stir. I was surprised with the first sip as this was MUCH better than I remembered – in fact I’m thinking “geez – I’m coming back here more often”.

The coffee here is only 50 baht, so that’s a pretty good price for a cappuccino.

The place is bright, open and relaxed, with a nice outdoor seating area (covered with umbrellas)… and the overall service here… is…well…incredible! Sometimes I find if you plonk yourself down and order yourself a soda water you won’t get good service. But at The Market, it doesn’t matter what you order, they will always make sure your glass is topped up – even if you’re just drinking soda water!


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  • Patrick Jacobs says:

    Agreed, one of my favourite too. Next time take a look at the front page of the menu. Looks familiar? One of my early pics

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