Thought I would stop by Andreanna’s Bread Cafe this morning to try out the breakfast and have a coffee because although I visit here most days, I’ve actually never had a breakfast here.

I was interested to try the Eggs Benedict mainly because it’s my favourite breakfast but also cause I’ve tried most of the Eggs Benedicts around town and wanted to see how Andreanna’s matched up. All the other meals I’ve seen coming out of the kitchen looked amazing from big breakfasts, scrambled eggs, baguettes and sandwiches – they all look awesome! Anyway – time to test this Eggs Benedict!

Firstly – Incredible! Probably the runniest yoke from a poached egg I’ve had in Hua Hin (but not under cooked)! The eggs were served on two thick slices of a baguette. The baguette was slightly toasted leaving it nice and crispy on the outside with a nice fluffy yet slightly chewy center  – Yum! Seems these guys have also got the Hollandaise sauce perfected as well – it’s hard to find a good Hollaindaise sauce in Thailand as it’s often quite sweet and more like mayonnaise – but this is just like the quality stuff you get back home! Thumbs up to this place…very Impressed!

Check out their Facebook page here

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