If you’re looking for a cultural food tour in Thailand – this a MUST NOT MISS!! The Feast Thailand has even got the THUMBS UP from the local Thai’s who have also been impressed with the food tours saying that they’ve visited restaurants they never new existed (or if the did know about them – were never able to find them).

The Feast Thailand run a number of food tours all designed to show a different part of the Thai food culture.  There’s a number of tours to choose from, with each of them having a different outcome. Some are designed to show you the hidden true local Thai restaurants (which is the one I went on), others that focus on regional food (such as central Thai food – which tends to be the more “rich/wealthy” food) and a number of others which you can view on their website here.

So I went on the “Eat Like a Local” tour – which is the one where you’ll be taken off the main roads and out the back of some of the small alleys to find a hidden treasure full of local Thai people chowing away at a great Thai dish. This tour will take you 7 restaurants around Hua Hin – so don’t chow down too much on your first meal because there’s a lot more to come after that.

Probably what stood out the most for me on this tour was the restaurant where we tried the different types of Khao Soi (a traditional northern dish you’ll find mainly in Chiang Mai). Having lived in Chiang Mai for a good couple of years, I’d tried enough Khao Soi’s to know the exceptional, good and bad (although there’s never really a bad Khao Soi). This little treasure in Hua Hin offered exceptional Khao Soi in both Pork and Chicken. I won’t give the names of these restaurants away in this blog – if you want to find out the names of them – you should do the tour (actually some of them are so off the beaten track that I couldn’t remember the name or location if I tried).

The Feast Thailand offers eight organised group tours as well as private tours – you can check out all the details here.

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Some other highlights of this tour were trying out the true Isaan restaurants – also popular food of the north. Generally very spicy but there’s also some non spicy dishes to try as well. I think you’ll be surprised how much these tours will open your eyes or “tastebuds” to new dishes you thought you would never eat. For me, I experienced some amazing pork dishes – and I never order a pork dish – however I discovered dishes where the pork was prepared in different ways to what I was normally used to and I absolutely loved it!

This was my first Feast Thailand tour, but certainly not my last – so be ready for a couple more blog posts on these guys as I try out the others!

You can check out their facebook here

You can check out their website here

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