I actually got a tip on this place from the Hua Hin Foodies Facebook group. One of the members (Clive) made a comment on another Eggs on Toast post suggesting I try these guys out as they’re known for their good coffee.

Today’s plan was actually to head back to 7 Grams coffee and have a nice chilled morning sipping coffee, having breakfast and writing a review…However, like most days, thing didn’t go as planned and I ended up having to make a trip into Hua Hin city, so figured I’d stop by here (Osot Place) while in town. Firstly – thanks for the tip Clive! Amazing coffee and cool little cafe with a real “beach” vibe to the place! The cafe is all open, kinda like an old car garage (for mini’s – cause it’s quite small), so there’s no aircon, however it’s well shaded and they have a fan or two running so you don’t really need the aircon. Today was a perfect day too – it wasn’t too hot and there was a nice breeze blowing through the city that gave it that perfect “Saturday morning – nothing to do – time to zone out” feel. I actually find this setup really nice if the weather isn’t too hot, because here, I’m spending most of my days under aircon, so you can get quite dehydrated, and feel a little stuffy after a while – it’s nice to sit in a place where you can get some fresh air once in a while! This place really is a perfect spot to just chill for an hour, read a book or just plod away on your laptop.

I wasn’t let down from Clive’s tip – the coffee was up there with the best here in Hua Hin! I actually stopped for a piccolo latte and it had the perfect strength too it (not too weak, but not too strong – but that perfect kick for the start of a morning). I had a bit of a late night last night so was needing a good coffee hit and wouldn’t have been happy with a weak coffee.

The place is owned by Oak and Piep – Today it was Oak playing Barista. Oak is a really laid back guy – as with most cafe owners and Barista’s here in Thailand – it’s just part of their culture I guess-  relaxed and really friendly people (that’s my experience anyway) – it’s why I love the Thai life so much.

The whole cafe vibe here is very different to back home – in fact one of the first things I noticed on my last visit to Melbourne was how many take away cups were passing through the doors – it was insane!!! It was only 7am in the morning and people were moving so fast through the cafe’s they should have been wearing Asics because works shoes just aren’t cut out for this pace!

Everything was so fast…and…well… stressful. Having to be moving so fast at such an early time in the morning…it made me tired just watching them all!

Here I find a lot more people come to a cafe to enjoy a coffee and sit down in the cafe, not chug it down on the go! Yeah, I live in a small town so there’s not the hustle and bustle of a big city, but even in Bangkok most people would come and enjoy a coffee or meal in the cafe and not be running to their next appointment. It’s definitely a much more relaxed vibe here and one that’s shown and taught me a lot about how we are as people is based on the lives we live.

You should take a walk on Khao Takiab (my home town) beach one morning – it’s really something incredible! At around 6:00 am in the morning, just before the sun rises, people start to walk down to the beach (mainly Thai people, but some foreigners)… standing, kneeling and sitting on the beach just to watch the sun rise of the morning.  It’s an experience.

Anyway, starting to get off track…so back to what I was saying. The Barista’s and bar owners are generally always pretty relaxed here and generally always up for a chat. Oak and I spent a good 20 mins or so talking about coffee, where he gets his coffee beans from and my own little coffee hobby I have with all my coffee grinders and kits back home. He gave some good advice and a few contacts here in Hua Hin to get some good coffee equipment as well. What an awesome morning!

After an hour of chilling out and calmed by the fresh breeze passing through the place I headed off to get a bite to eat. Osot Place specialises and sells only coffee – so they don’t do any meals however it’s location is surrounded by a heap of Thai and Western restaurants to choose from.

So an hour later I’d downed my favourite Thai dish (Pad Krapow Khung) for lunch and was heading back to my bike (which was parked close to Osot Place). I figured “Ah….why not – try out the Cafe Macchiato” – so I popped in for a second coffee hit and this time ordered the…well…Cafe Macchiato. Again, good solid coffee with a good strength and nice level of bitterness – very impressed with these guys and at 60 Baht a coffee (Cappuccino, Latte, Piccolo Latte, Espresso & Cafe Machiatto) – you can’t be dissapointed!

Looks like I’ve just found myself another little regular! Thanks Osot!

Check out their Facebook Page!


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