A new Crêperie just about to open up in Khao Takiab! Riding past today (14th December) it looked like they were still doing some final touches before opening this weekend. I popped in to check the place out anyway and they told me they were actually open for coffee and could make me a Crêpe if I was hungry. The place was pretty bare and so I knew it was ready for it’s full opening and not a time to judge the quality of food or coffee (which is why I’ll keep this blog short and sweet). I ordered a cappuccino anyway and had a quick look around the place.

My cappuccino was served in a paper cup and was 80 baht. I’m not a big fan of a paper cup when dining/sitting in a cafe/restaurant, however this could just be because all their stock hasn’t arrived yet and that’s all they had available. The quality wasn’t exceptional, but wasn’t bad either.

There’s plenty of seating both indoor and outdoor, with the outdoor area seating a good 50 people and the indoor area 20-25.

The place will obviously be serving a wide variety of Crepes but they’ve also got a stand with cakes and sweets and obviously serve coffee/tea as well.

There could be other food on the menu, however when asking for the menu, it wasn’t available yet, so I’ll post an update this weekend when I check out one of their Crepes and the cafe is in full swing!

It’s actually been quite a few days now since I wrote this post to the day I’m finally posting it – so it possible already open. Passing it the other day (17th December) it still looked like it had closed doors, so will sit out for another week before taking another visit to this place and try out the Crepes.

  • Coffee Quality
  • Price
  • Location

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