It’s normally the Singha Craft Beer that gets me into this place (and perhaps it did today as well), but my friend and I were feeling a little hungry at the same time, so we thought we’d have a feed here as well.

I’ve written a review on this place before (here) and was really impressed with the two dishes I ordered – although I’ve heard mixed reviews from other friends who’ve visited this place so was interested to see if I just got lucky on the two dishes I ordered the first time.

Out the front they had a small brochure/menu advertising a “Truffle” selection of dishes which look to be a “limited time only” selection of dishes prepared with truffle and/or truffle flavoured oil. With craft beer on tap it doesn’t take much to get me in the door – but with the Truffle menu as well…I was sold!

First on the menu was a Singher Copper Craft Beer! With a nice cold beer in hand and relaxed outdoor environment, we could comfortably browse through the menu and decide what was for lunch. The beer certainly didn’t let us down and would be one of the best beers on tap here in Hua Hin (there isn’t many places that do craft beer on tap)…but now to test the food!

The two dishes ordered were the seafood/salmon salad and the Truffle pasta.

Well if luck was on my side for my first visit here with the two meals I selected, then it was on my side again, because these two meals were really tasty and good quality ingredients. The Salmon salad had a unique dressing which really gave it a nice kick of flavour. The Salmon was served raw but was slightly cooked due to the dressing with lime. With the salmon was also what seemed to be some Tuna and grilled calamari. Although it didn’t look like a really filling dish, it was the perfect accompaniment to a pint a beer.

The Truffle pasta was what I would expect from a good pasta (and perhaps more) – with a strong (but not too strong) truffle flavour through the pasta sauce and a nice Al-Dente cooked pasta. Both meals were the perfect size – enough to fill, but too much where you end up feeling bloated afterwards (I guess you can always stop when you’re full – but it’d be hard to put down the folk without an empty plate with these two meals!).

Eat View is a great little restaurant for one that sits inside a shopping mall. With it’s outdoor seating area beside the BluPort pond (or lake), you can disconnect from the whole shopping mall experience and sit down and enjoy a cold beer or meal like you would in most other restaurants. I’ve not been let down by these guys yet and always been impressed with the food here.

You can check out their facebook here

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