Thought I’d break up the morning today and have breakfast at Sarney’s and a coffee at Bliss. They both offer a comfortable environment with good WiFi so I can sit down and get my online errands done. I wasn’t feeling like anything too heavy either so both these places suited well – Sarney’s with their light breakfast meals and Bliss with their Piccolo Latte..

Sarney’s serve most of the eggs on toast meals with a single slice of toast and one egg – which can be a bit disappointing sometimes, but if you’re looking for a light breakfast it works out perfect. The quality here is really good as well – I got the Poached Egg on Toast last time I was there and this time I got the Eggs Benedict with Salmon, and although you only get 1 slice of toast and 1 egg, the slice of toast is a reasonable size and they’re quite generous with the Smoked Salmon. The cost for this was 210 Baht.

The coffee here isn’t anything to rave about – they always seem to burn the milk so the froth is too bubbly and light, not thick and creamy like it should be. So off to Bliss to get a Piccolo Latte.

Bliss do a good coffee (and good food as well) and have a good seating area with all different seats to choose from including couch/sofa type chairs, normal dining chairs and stools…take your pick! I love the Piccolo Latte here because it works well if I’ve already had 1 or 2 coffee’s for the morning and it’s nice and strong. The beans they use are good and the foam is always thick and creamy. Cost of the Piccolo Latte was 75 Baht (same price as the Cappuccino or normal Latte).

Been a productive day!

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