Having spent the last 2 days sorting out visa’s and crossing country borders, I figured it was time to stop at a nice little spot in Isaan (eastern region of Thailand) and rest up for a bit. Not having planned a place for its breakfast, this little place “De Lit” in Ubon Ratchathani seemed to specialise in eggs for breakfast. They had all kinds of great little dishes including scrambled or friend eggs on toast, omlettes and other fusion type food involving pan fried eggs mixed with different meats (pork, salami, chicken and ham) and vegetables including asparagus and tomato.

The dish featured in this post is pan friend eggs with shredded and minced pork, salami and spring onion.


If you ever visit Ubon Ratchathani –  I recommend stopping by this place – really chic!

Check out their Facebook page here



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