7/11…not really…This post has been a long time coming – I guess I’ve been waiting to visit a few more cafe’s before posting this one however there’s always a new cafe opening up here and current one’s closing down, so the day to post will probably never come – the day to post is today!

Being a lot smaller town than Chiang Mai and Bangkok, there’s obviously not the amount of quality cafe’s (or cafe’s in general) that you would find in the bigger cities, however this doesn’t mean there aren’t any quality cafe’s or good coffee – it just means there is less of them.

I’ve included a number of cafe’s in this blog post, and only rated the first 2 (best and second best) – as this isn’t a ranking blog post, but rather just a good list of cafe’s to choose from. Like I say in my about me page, what I think is a good coffee, or the best, might not be what you think – so I’ll just provide a list of the best I’ve found here and choose based on convenience, price and/or location.

Let’s just get straight to the point – which one do I think is best?

Velo Cafe

One of the best coffee’s I’ve had in Thailand comes out from this small little cafe and roaster in Hua Hin – that’s a big statement I know – but I’ve been around and tried a good number of cafe’s here in Thailand and these guys are number 1 on my list for Hua Hin!  The owners behind this place also run a coffee roasting house in Hua Hin called “Rock n Roast”. Their beans are also some of the best I’ve taken home in Thailand, but probably wouldn’t say number 1 – but definitely in the top 5!

This place doesn’t just serve amazing coffee, but they have a good selection of toasted sandwiches on the menu and have a great little indoor and outdoor area that has the “chillest” vibe about it. They even have some soft Jazz music always playing in the background to top it all off! One more thing that will make you feel at home at this place – is if you wanted to order something from one of the nearby thai street food stalls, they won’t mind you bringing it inside and eating it with your coffee – that’s all they want you to do – try their coffee! 🙂

What’s amazing about this place, is it’s one of the best priced coffee’s in Hua Hin – at 55 Baht, I get my number 1 coffee in the whole of Thailand – not bad I say – compared to other places who are charging 100 baht or more for a 7/11 (or even worse) type coffee. I won’t name there here – but feel free to ping me a message to ask which coffee to avoid!

You can check out the details and location below.

Osot Place

It’s a shame I’ve only visited this place a couple of times. A lot of people rate this the number 1 coffee in Hua Hin, and perhaps it does sit equal up there with Velo, however they don’t open until 10:30am which is a bit late for me so I’ve already had a few too many coffee’s by this time and don’t visit this place enough. Otherwise I’d probably be saying these two serve the best coffee in Hua Hin and the others mentioned aren’t far off them.

Osot place also has a really chill vibe out it – perhaps being a converted thai herb pharmacy, adds to the vibe, but with the wide open front and fresh breeze passing through as you sit in this cafe, it definitely has that beachy, cafe feel to the place.

What is it with these awesome coffee shops??? – they seem to have the best prices while the one’s serving mud in a cup are charging 100 baht!!! Perhaps it’s because they know they’ll only sell a customer a coffee once, so they gotta get the money out of them first time 🙂

Anyway, back on track….So Osot’s prices are really reasonable, you’re looking at around 60 baht for a coffee at Osot’s – pretty much the same as Velo.

I’d also like to mention that these top two haven’t been chosen based on the price – only on the quality of coffee.

Other Great Coffee

OK, so now for the rest on my list – like I said, I won’t rank these guys as they all make great coffee and all have their own style about them – and sometimes, depending on the day, I prefer one over the other.
I won’t actually write about each one of these on this blog post as I’ve reviewed them all already – you can check out the reviews on each one by clicking on the links names above.
Check out some of the pics of Velo and Osot’s below.

Velo Cafe

Osot Place

Velo Cafe

Address: 21, 43 Naebkehardt Rd

Hua Hin, Hua Hin District

Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110


Phone: +66 80 282 5156

opens: 7:30am (close on Thursday)



Osot Place

Address: 162 Nares Damri Alley

Tambon Hua Hin, Amphoe Hua Hin

Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110


Phone: +66 81 336 7903

opens: 10:30am


  • Velo Cafe - Location
  • Velo Cafe - Price
  • Velo Cafe - Quality
  • Osot Place - Location
  • Osot Place - Price
  • Osot Place - Quality

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