What a COOL….PLACE…THIS IS! It took me a while to find it, once because the map isn’t that accurate, but even once you know it’s location, you gotta keep your eyes out!

It’s a tiny little cafe (or should I say coffee machine and grinder) built into a tiny little van/truck. But space has nothing to do with quality coffee, a good grinder, good espresso machine and good barista…that’s all you need really, and this place proves it!

Firstly, I gotta tell you about the place! So it’s located in Khao Tao – a small beach town just outside of Hua Hin (about 15KM) and about 8KM from Khao takiab. This small town has a main road (which is like a normal street in any other town, or maybe if even a alley) and then this place hangs off the main road on a little side street just near the beach (so with these details – you should be able to find it easily! 🙂 – not really, will provide the address later).

Don’t expect aircon, table cloths, or waiter service – this place is pretty much run by one dude in a truck serving amazing coffee, and the only seating is a few tables an chairs scatters around the truck. It is well shaded though so you won’t be sitting under the sun, however on a really hot day it probably won’t be the most comfortable place to sit.

It really does have that beach vibe to it though – probably the most beachiest cafe I’ve been too that serves quality coffee. For me this place is perfect for my first morning coffee – before the sun heats up and while you got the nice cool sea breeze coming in off the ocean…aahhhhh, so fresh it’s incredible!

The Coffee is really awesome! I had a cappuccino and the strength was perfect. It’s served in what I’d call a small cappuccino cup (considering a lot of cafe’s here serve them in a larger cup) so the strength and taste was perfect – great consistency of milk and coffee.

The price for a coffee (whether it be a latte, cappuccino, espresso – whatever) is 50 baht, so a very reasonable price. They don’t do food and that’s pretty obvious once you arrive at the place because once you see it, you’ll be amazed they can even produce good coffee out of it!

I wouldn’t say it’s the “best” cafe I’ve been to because there’s a time and place for No Name Caff, but when the time and weathers right, it is really the perfect stop! As far the quality of coffee goes – it is up there with the best. In my opinion I’d rank it along side my other top 2 places “Velo” and “7 Grams”.

So glad I checked this place out! Will be back again soon!

Check out their Facebook page here

Oh…and here’s the link to their address


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