What a funky little cafe in the center of Hua Hin! With a quality compact coffee machine sitting on a tricycle, trance and chill/lounge music playing in the background (at 8:00am), and great coffee, this place is pretty unique. If the trance music puts you off – don’t let it – as it’s actually quite nice background music and reminded me of one of the hip cafe’s I’d find back home in St Kilda (Melbourne) or Glenelg (Adelaide).

The good thing is – they’ve set themselves apart from the other cafe’s near by – offering a different experience, feel and ambiance to the whole place.  Offering just good coffee in this area is now becoming “not enough” with other good cafe’s around such as Velo, Coffee Monster, and Osot Place (all within about 15 minutes walking distance). Although the coffee here doesn’t match up to my favourites (like those just mentioned), this place isn’t just about the coffee, in fact, the focus seems mainly on their cocktails – and a good cocktail menu it is.

With at least 5 pages of popular and house made cocktails and a option to “create your own” – you’re sure to find a cocktail that’s new and/or interesting at this place. This morning I was here only for the coffee, but I’ll be back soon to check out one of their cocktails (perhaps not at 8:00 am).

The cafe itself has a few outdoor tables (where you can also smoke) and about 10 or so chairs inside. The inside isn’t a closed off section so there is no air conditioning, but again, this adds to the whole feel of the place, giving it that beachy (St Kilda / Glenelg) feel, and today being what I would call a “Hua Hin winters day”, you wouldn’t be wanting air conditioning anyway. The inside has some interesting hanging lamps/lights with bamboo woven shades/covers to give it a balmy and mellow feel – you can check out the photos and you’ll see what I mean.

Prices for coffee are 40 baht for a hot cappuccino or latte, or 45 baht for an iced/cold coffee. The cocktails range from about 120-200 baht (from memory – will update once I come back here for cocktails).

The cafe sits on Naebkehardt road between soi 55 and 53.

The address is 73 Naebkehardt Road, Hua Hin, 77110

  • Coffee Quality
  • Price
  • Location
  • Ambiance

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