I’ve been throwing just about everything in the Air Fryer recently to see how much it can actually do. I was actually getting so creative I forgot some of the basics like Fried Chicken and Home Cut French Fries.

I was pretty impressed with the result of both of them. The chicken was tender and juicy like you get from a KFC chicken strip or fillet but without all the oil. I didn’t have the batter or breaded coating so it certainly wasn’t exactly the same as you’d get from KFC, however the actual meat of the chicken was tender and juicy the same.

For these chicken breasts I placed them in a bowl with a little Truffle Olive Oil, Oregano, Basil, Garlic and Chicken Salt and then rubbed the chicken around the bowl to coat them with the oil and spices. The results was fantastic! Very impressed and looking forward to trying a few other mixes of herbs and spices with chicken.

I will post the results of the French Fries on another post.


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