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Well, if you read my post yesterday you’ll see I attempted to give this place a shot yesterday, but it was fail. Anyway – persistence! I came back this morning with a good friend for a brunch and coffee…and persistence paid off! This place is actually in a really good location, it’s not the easiest to get to from the BTS, but once you’re here, you’re in the center of Thonglor with so many other places and things to go see, try and taste. Most of my posts have been around this area, probably because I live around the area, but also because this place seems to be the hot spot in Bangkok for all the good coffee and restaurants.

Righto…so what was it like?

The Experience

Wow! I loved it. The space, the feel, the food and although the price wasn’t what I’d call cheap – I definitely got what I paid for! Really impressed!

The place is really open and spacious, I felt like I was walking into a friends home in country – really welcoming!  The place is fitted with great size tables and comfy seating. Some are couch type seats, others padded chairs – they’re all a bit different actually, but you’ll surely find something you like or find comfy. It has a very woody, country yet modern feel to the place and works well because with all the windows the place is very light, so the the dark wooden features don’t make you feel closed in, probably why they called it “Warm Wood” I guess…or maybe they came up with the name first and then designed it…anyway, does it really matter? 🙂

The menu has a great variety of food on it from pastas, sandwiches, a heap of desserts (as always here in Thailand), coffee and other drinks and they have a dedicated all day breakfast menu. They have the most awesome looking Eggs Benedict on the menu however it sat on a bed of pulled pork – and I’m not a pork fan 🙁 No worries – one thing I love about Thailand is most places are always willing to customise something for you, so I asked if they could do the Eggs Benedict with smoked Salmon instead of pulled pork (actually my friend Angel asked in Thai, because asking to replace something with something else in English might leave you with a very interesting dish). I have to say though – if you like pork – the pork does look amazing!! Definitely give it a shot! They had no issues with my request, so I ordered the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Angel ordered the smoked salmon salad and we finished up with a cappuccino and a latte.

So…the Eggs Benedict – WOW – absolute perfection!!! presented well and on ample sizes of toast to fill me up for the morning. The Hollandaise  sauce was more savory than sweet (which can be hard to find in Thailand – there’s sugar in everything). I didn’t even feel like picking at the side salad afterwards which generally I do if I’m not feeling full after my meal – so the portion was perfect!

The salad looked amazing – I can’t comment on it though because I didn’t try it…Was too afraid a piece of lettuce would throw on a few extra kilo’s! Ha..not really, I was just enjoying the Eggs Benedict so much that I didn’t even think of it. Probably still got Hollandaise sauce on my cheek somewhere! 🙂

The coffee lived up to the Thonglor / Ekkamai standards and I would easily come back here just for a coffee.

I’d put this place down as one of my best breakfast/brunches in Bangkok.

Thought Leaving

Well…perfect! Great food, reasonable prices, and a really good space to catch up with a friend and have a good chat…very homey!

What I Will Remember

Probably the homey feel to the place, it really feels like you’re entering  a friends house and they say the words “Make yourself at home!”

Will I Go Back?

Yeah I will…but you know what – I’m leaving this city in two weeks 🙁 I’ll be blogging on places down around the beach area of Hua Hin for a while. But yeah – I’ll be back in Bangkok once or twice a month and if I’m around the area, I’d definitely come back here again (problem is in Thonglor is that there’s so many awesome places it’s gonna be hard to choose).


141 Soi Thonglo 10, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Getting There

I’d say BTS to Thonglor and get a scooter taxi or taxi to Thonglor soi 10 – if you’re travelling with others, definitely do the taxi – it only cost 35 baht and you’re gonna pay 20 baht for a scooter taxi for one person. Otherwise – if you’re feeling energetic and want a bit of exercise, walk it – it’s about 1.5km up from the BTS.


Not bad – but I wouldn’t say cheap. For the quality of food the prices are good but the Eggs Benedict was 350 baht however there was a big selection of other breakfasts for about 250 baht. The salad was 260 baht and the coffee’s….well….I actually don’t know because I forgot to look….ha, hopeless blogger I am!! I think they were around 110 baht.


You can check out their Facebook page here.

What to Expect
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  • Food Quality
  • Coffee Quality


Nice homey feeling cafe in the heart of Thonglor.

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