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The popular Velo Cafe has now opened its doors to its new Cafe’ “Velo Cafe’ X Rock’n Roast”. With a GREAT size block of land, these guys have put it to good use, constructing a cafe that consists of multiple indoor air-conditioned areas as well as outdoor areas.

The Rock’n Roast part of the name isn’t something new either, rather it’s been part of the business for a long time, as it’s where all the coffee magic happens for these guys. Rock’n Roast is the name Velo have used for their coffee roasting part of the business, and this is the property where it all happens.

This new cafe sits along side the Rock’n Roast coffee roasting house, which is the first thing you’ll see when walking into the cafe. When entering the cafe, you’ll pass by the roastery, and then through the front outdoor area, which consists of around 4-5 tables seating a total of about 20 people…it’s well air-conditioned and was my room of choice for the day

It’s here (the first entrance and main cafe) where you take your order and flip through their iPad containing an electronic menu with images of all the food and drinks you can order.

To the right of the main counter, there’s a sliding door (yes – every door here is sliding as well, like their town center cafe, so don’t try and give it a good shove and smash head up against the door) that leads into a large open space Co-Working type area. This room has large benches with a HEAP of power points – it really is like Co-Working space you’d find in Bangkok. In mentioning this, they also have probably the fastest Wifi of any cafe’s I’ve been to in Hua Hin!

If you keep travelling through this room, the next door opens out into a huge garden area with a large bench/table sitting under a roof (so you can still sit outside even if it’s raining) in the center of their garden. The bench would have to seat around 15 people or more…and for the smokers…this is where you go!

There is a wider range of items on the menu here than there are at the Velo cafe in the town center…a little different too. The menu here has a large selection of Thai meals for you too order and heaps of cakes and sweets which are made by the sister of this family run business.

I’ve been a fan of these guys since I tasted their first coffee, and they really stepped it up a notch with this new cafe. The family is obviously a very creative and artistic family, as they put creativity and love in everything they do, even down to your final drop of coffee in your cup. After having my first coffee here, one of the brothers asked me what I thought of it and if it were any good. I was honest and said there it was slightly different to their city cafe, but nothing that made it worse, just different. He went on to say how the water purifying system was a different brand, and, when the water is a little different, so is the coffee, hence the little change of taste in Coffee. True artisans I’d say…cause the only other time I heard this said was in the Guinness factory in Dublin, and how Guinness can’t be made anywhere else and maintain the same taste because it ain’t the same water.

These guys tasted, and tasted and tasted…until they got it as close they could to their city cafe. In the end they had to change the roast a little in order to get the closest match. This family really puts a lot of love in their food and coffee and wants you to enjoy it just as much as they do…you can see and taste it within the first 5 minutes of being there, from the design of the bar/counter area, the steel sign beside the front door, the furniture, the garden, the food…and of course…the coffee…it’s all about attention to detail and a lot of love. Did you know these guys went through CARTONS of different milk to make the perfect tasking coffee until they finally found the right one which they thought people would like??? Ask them about the milk sometime 🙂

Come and check this new place out – it’s well worth it!

What did you like most about the place?

The whole family thing going on and the love for what they do. It does go to show that the best comes out when you’re doing what you love.

What other features/facilities stood out?

I’d say the large glass windows and outdoor plants around building – makes you feel you’re centered in an air-conditioned garden :-)…and not to mention the tree house in the garden area – first tree house I’ve seen in Thailand!

What are the prices like?

Great value for money – for this quality of coffee, it’s a very good price. The same quality I’d get from quality cafe’s in Bangkok, but at half the price. The food is very well priced as well, and my Thai girlfriend often asks “Are you going to Velo X today” – cause she’ll jump on the bike anytime to have their Phad Krapow Moo.

Where are they located?

Good question…It’s about 2 km down Canal road heading from Hua Hin City to Cha Am…But best to check the address below.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Coffee Quality


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