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One of the best Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch places in Udon Thani (if you’re after a good western style breakfast). I always thought I’d already blogged on this place until recently when wanting to share a link to a friend asking for good places for brunch around Udon Thani…and there was no post!!! for a place that stands up there in my top 5 cafe’s for western food I was quite surprised. So here we go…a brief write up on why I rate this place so highly.

The good Days Cafe has been around for quite a while so they must be doing it right, as most cafes that open their doors and don’t do it right generally close within the first 6 months (even less). I’m not sure exactly how long these guys have been open for, but they were here on my first visit to Udon Thani a few years back and were dishing out the same quality food and coffee then as they are now.

I’ll start with a few of the obvious things that make this place a great spot for a western meal.

It’s in the center of town

So to start with, this place sits in the centre of town right next to most places you’ll want to see if you’re in Udon Thani for a visit (like Central Plaza, The bar street, UD Town and the markets…there’s a heap!). If you’re visiting and staying in a hotel, you’l probably find youself staying not too far from this place as it’s also the area where most of the hotels and B&B’s are, so for most of you this place will be in walking distance from where you’re staying and makes the perfect stop for your first coffee/tea and breakfast for the morning. They even have their own B&B/Hotel which I’ll cover a little later.

They open early

Considering they do such a good coffee, they definitely want to open early to catch the early birds who are up ready to make a full day of their visit to Udon Thani and start the day with a coffee. I know that’s one thing there’s not enough of in Thailand ie. cafe’s opening early. The Good Days cafe opens it’s doors at 7:30 am in the morning, which although isn’t as early as the coffee shops and cafe’s you might be used to back home, it’s about as early as you will get here in Thailand.

They do a great coffee that comes with their signature brownie on the side

As I mentioned above, they do a great coffee and in a good size cup/mug as well. It’s definitely a large cup than you’re probably used to for your standard latte or cappuccino, so it does lack a little strength you get from a smaller cup, but it’s still a quality good tasing coffee and at a good price. From memory the coffee here is around 65 baht. They also give you a little slice of their signature brownie alongside your coffee which will make you want to order the full slice.

Great Western food options and well priced

The food menu here is pretty impressive and covers a lot of the western favourites when in Thailand like the Club Sandwich, Eggs Benedict and Crispy French Fries (served as sides with a few meals as well). There’s also a fantastic eggs on toast option called “The Healthy Breakfast” which is two slices of whole wheat bread with a bruschetta / tomato type topping on top (and a VERY good serving of tomatoes). There’s an option to add two poached eggs on top as well which really makes this meal a delicious healthy start to the day…in fact I order this one often.

The Club Sandwich is possibly my favourite club in Udon Thani (but comes very close to the Club Sandwich at The Brickhouse…hard to decide as they’re both different and delicious in their own way). The sandwich is HUGE! I’m talking proper thick slices of lightly toasted bread (3 slices) and quality grilled breast chicken, cheese, mayo, egg….the whole works! You get a side serving of their Crispy French Fries as well which a nice a crispy on the outside and soft and pillowy in the center (I’m drouling just reminding myself of this meal).

The Eggs Benedict is another popular dish on this menu, and again, up their with the best Eggs Benedicts you’ll find in Udon Thani. I have to say though that there aren’t too many places serving up an Eggs Benedict, and the places that are serving them up all do a pretty good job (I haven’t had a bad one here yet).

All their meals are VERY well priced and have me questioning how they can make money from some of them, as by the time you buy the ingredients, pay your staff, and rent, there wouldn’t be much margin on top for the profit.

Good dining space and seating options

The cafe has two dining areas including an indoor area that seats around 14 people and an outside area that seats around 10 people.

The inside area is the place I generally choose because it’s nicely airconditioned and away form the noice of the main road outside. There’s 3 main tables that seat around 4 people (or more if you want to squish up a little) and a bench area that faces out to the outdoor area and main road which seats around 3 people. It’s got a rustic cottage feel to the place with it’s wooden swinging doors and other wood like features around the cafe. The high celings give you that spacious feeling and it’s also well lit with the natural light that comes in through the glass front.

The outside area has two main tables that seat around 4 people each, and they also have the thai style cushions so you can lounge back a little in Thai Style. Along the fron of the cafe is another bench that overlooks the main road and seats around 4 people also. The outdoor area has chill/relaxed vibe to it and is a good option for the early birds as it’s nice and fresh and not too hot. Later in the day you’ll probably find this area a little too hot, however there’s generally always someone choosing to take the outside option.

They have their own Hotel / B&B

Only in the last 6 months or so have these guys opened up their room above the cafe to the public as a B&B. Across the road they have a dedicated building which is more like a hotel with some rooms there as well and they are probably the best and cheapest priced rooms you’ll find in the whole of Udon Thani (in this area anyway).

What are the prices like?

Meals a really well priced and cheap (in my opinion) and the coffee is around 65 baht which is also a good price. At these prices you’d expect to see it reflected in the quality of food and coffee, however all their food and drinks are really good quality and generous servings which is what has me questioning how they can be making money from some of their meals.

Where are they located?

306 23 Prajak Sillapakhom Road, Mak Khaeng Subdistrict, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000

Best to use the Google map provided below for its location.

Opening Hours

Every day: 7:30am – 6:00pm

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • 10/10
    Location - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Ambiance - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Quality - 9/10

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