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My Thought Walking In

Wow! This is a great place to organise a breakfast, lunch or dinner with a group of people and not have to worry about what people eat…because there is a heap to choose from!! The setup of the common is an outdoor/indoor area containing a heap of popular restaurants including Peppina, Roast, Maison Jeane Phillipe, Roots – just to name a few. I actually came here with my parents to go and have a brunch at Roast however it was fully booked (Roast is on the top floor by the way). So we headed back to the ground floor where there is the park and indoor area with over 15 different cafes/restaurants/bars and had eggs on toast at “Egg My God”.

My Thought Leaving

Well with so many places, whether Egg my God was good or not, I’m definitely going back as there is still so much to try…and I know I love Peppina pizza – so will be back there for pizza for sure! However Egg my God was OK – not the best eggs benedict I’ve had, but certainly not the worst – the portions are quite small and wished I’d ordered form one of the places doing sandwiches or something heavier.

How I Felt There

A little squashed because parked ourselves up on some counter benches along the window, but there was plenty of space on the tables if you can get one. It was full of life though with the business (but no too busy) of the place and the brightness due to the natural lightness that fills the place from the park area outside. Some people were actually half layed out along benches in the outdoor area so if you’re feeling like reading a book or just chilling outside – this is a great place.

What I Will Remember

There selection! There’s so much to choose from and it’s a very “common” area – so a very chilled, laid back, eat what you want kinda feel!

Will I Go Back?

I’ve already been back with my parents to Roast (which I’ve posted about also) and will certainly be back for a Peppina pizza!


335 Thonglor 17, Sukhumvit 55 Bangkok – It’s just across the road from Rocket X (which I’ve also posted about).

Getting There

If you’re coming by BTS, then hop off at Thonglor BTS and head down Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55) and then take a left once you arrive at Thonglor 17 (soi 17) on your left. It’s about 20 meters down once you turn left. I’d advise taking a taxi from the BTS as it’s probably a 1km or more walk.


Didn’t ask for the WiFi while here, but imagine they’d have it as the place is designed to be a common area and there are a heap of different places here so surely someone would have it. I’m just not sure of the quality.


Well that’s the other good thing about this place, there’s places where you can spend a lot, and other places you can spend a lot less. The eggs benedict we ordered was 170฿ after including the tax (menu price 150‎฿). A cappuccino from Roots will cost you 120‎฿ (so on the high side). Jean Pierre bakery is well priced as I consider their bread the best in Bangkok and it’s no higher than you pay at the supermarkets. Peppina pizza’s are around 350‎฿ and they go up or down depending on the pizza.

Restaurants / Cafe’s / Bars

Here’s a list of the restaurants, cafe’s and bars in the Common.

  • Sri
  • Gourmet Gallery
  • Egg My God
  • The Barrel (Wine Merchant)
  • Twist (Smoothies and Juices)
  • Holy Moly Pies
  • Xiao Chi
  • Fit Food
  • Eastbound
  • Soul Food
  • The Lobster Lab
  • The Beer Cap
  • Barrio Banito
  • Meat and Bones
  • Peppina
  • Sources Grocers
  • Maison Jean Philippe
  • Roots Coffee

You can also check out the list on The Common website

I’ve given this place an average rating because I can’t judge on the whole place as I’ve really only tried 3 places here. I’ll let you guys be the judge of this one!

All in All…

I’ve given this place an average rating because I can’t judge on the whole place as I’ve really only tried 3 places here. I’ll let you guys be the judge of this one!

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Quality


A bunch of amazing cafe’s, bars and restaurants in one place!

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