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Udon Thani has a good number of coffee options, but finding the best isn’t always easy, particularly if you’re just visiting and staying around the central city area. Here you can find the quality you’ll get Bangkok, but at half the price…it’s a lot like Chiang Mai really…Quality coffee at half the price you pay in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai is an awesome place for coffee, maybe one of the best in Thailand (in my opinion), and I spent a good 2 years or more there taste testing all the gorgeous coffee around the city (and yes, well priced too), but Udon Thani has it’s own coffee culture going on and well matched to the popular Chiang Mai.

OK, so there’s not as much cafe’s around town in Udon Thani as you’ll find Chiang Mai, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find the same quality and price…there’s just a little less of it…so you have to look a little harder.

The big difference I find between Chiang Mai and Udon Thani isn’t necessarily the number of coffee joints around town, but their location. You can go on a tourist walk around Chiang Mai (thinking Nimmanheiman road and Loi Kroh road here) and you’ll find a heap of good coffee shops/cafes on your stroll, but in Udon Thani…your casual stroll won’t offer you much in terms of good coffee…you gotta go a little further.

The best coffee joints in Udon Thani, you aint gonna find in the main tourist area…nope…you’re gonna have to go local. By “Local” I mean the areas that mainly only those who live here tend to hang out at. Makes sense really…the artisans don’t need a main strip with neon lights out the front begging people to come in, they love (and they’re good at) what they do, and so if you’re pushing out a quality coffee (or anything for that matteer ) it doesn’t take long for the word to get out and location is no longer important.

That’s the way it is here in Udon Thani! Most of my favourite coffee shops here you won’t find on your normal “touristy” walk around the city. They’re mostly off the beaten track and unless you know what you’re looking for, you probably won’t find them.

So that’s what I want to share on this blog post. My top 5 coffee shops in Udon Thani that you won’t find on your normal tourist track. So who are they?

NOTE: I’m no coffee or food coneseur, this is only my opinion.

Oh….and by the way, these cafe’s aren’t in order of preference. Dose is my favourite 🙂

Thai Tune Coffee Bar

Thai Tune is definitely up there on my “favourites” list, probably up the top actually. Why?

  • Well priced – 60 baht for a cappuccino
  • Quality! Their coffee is awesome! And maybe matched by other cafe’s around town, but I wouldn’t say “beaten”…here you get the best coffee
  • Ambiance and space – The place itself has a huge area for dining and a really relaxed vibe going on. A Number of seating option including your normal table and chairs, but also your thai style cushion dining so you can lay down, stretch out, and take it easy for a while. There is also a great garden area/courtyard outside if you want to separate yourself from the indoor crowd.

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 21:00 (Everyday)

Location: Google Map

Facebook Page


Dose Espresso

These guys were one of my first stops in Udon Thani….and yeah….maybe I’m a little biased on these guys because they promote the whole “Australian Coffee” thing a lot. But let’s face it, Australia does make a bangin coffee and coming from a city renowned for their coffee culture (Melbourne), it feels a little warm when walking into this place 🙂 But Biased or not, these guys definitely won’t dissapoint when bringing you a warm (or cold) cup of coffee. In fact, the whole experience here does feel a little like sitting back home in Port Melbourne…just without the beach. So here’s what I love about these guys.

  • Price – well priced coffee at 65 baht for a cappuccino
  • They open early (7:00am)
  • Quality – They actually roast their own coffee and so it’s always fresh and strong. I often buy my coffee beans from these guys as well.

They would be up the top there with Thai Tune cafe, and one advantage they have over Thai Tune is they roast their own coffee and number of different blends for you to buy and take home. I buy my coffee beans from these guys most of the time.

Opening Hours: 7:00 – 17:00 (Everyday)

Location: Google Map

Facebook Page


Option Coffee Bar

OK, so with these guys you gotta expect a little bit of Bangkok in terms of prices, quality, and ambiance. One minute you’re on a busy, messy road of Udon Thani, and the next minute you’re stepping into a little bit of heaven. The place seriously makes you feel like you just stepped off the road in Thong Lo or Ekkamai. And it’s not just about the coffee here, their food menu is pretty incredible…or “different” might be the word. They have a selection of food here that you won’t find anywhere else around town and it’s quality food as well, and well priced!

But back to the coffee! Again, these guys aren’t beaten by anyone around town, their coffee is matched with the best you’ll find in Udon Thani (and Bangkok for that matter). Here’s what I love about these guys.

  • Quality
  • Ambiance and space
  • Staff and funkiness

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 18:00 (Everyday)

Location: Google Map

Facebook Page


UD Coffee Bar

Here’s one that you deffinitely won’t find driving around town, in fact the place is so hidden, it’s what makes it one of my favourites. You come here and you’re gonna have peace and quite for your time spent. If you’re looking for a place with a good coffee and to simply relax on your own or with a friend without being interupted, this is a good choice. It’s got a lot of seating options (all mainly surrounded with gardens and courtyards) that make you feel really relaxed. It’s off all the main roads of Udon Thani so it’s unlikely you’re gonna be interupted by another foreigner wanting to talk about “home”…we juist exscaped that eight? However I do see foreigners here sometimes, but they generally live here and what you’d call “local”, so they won’t interupt you.

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 18:00 (Everyday)

Location: Google Map

Facebook Page


Marvin Coffee Roaster

I love these guys, mainly because they roast their own coffee, but also because they sit alongside one of my favourite places in Udon Thani ie. Nong Prajak Park. So I can go for my morning walk or run around the lake and then stop at these guys joint for a quality coffee. They’ve also got a great selection of food available including a more recent “healthy menu” which promotes healthy and light meals. So here’s what I like about these guys:

  • Great location being right next to Nong Prajak lake/park
  • Great prices
  • Good WiFi
  • Good food options and cheap prices
  • Roaster as well as a cafe, so you can buy some coffee beans to go home as well.

Opening Hours: 7:30 – 18:00 (Everyday)

Location: Google Map

Facebook Page


OK, so that’s it folks! I could have written more about all of these places, but if you check out my blog, I think you’ll find I’ve written an indivual post about all of these guys…so check it out!

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