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I am really impressed with this place, and it’s just the place I’ve been looking for since arriving in Ao Nang.

What I find most with the popular tourist beach spots in Thailand is they’re flooded with 2 types of restaurants.

  1. Those marketed to the foreigner and focus a lot on western food, and thai food (dulled down in flavour for the non-thais).
  2. Expensive seafood / thai restaurants offering the “unique” and/or “traditional” thai experience, and you end up paying for the whole boutiqueness of the restaurant and fanciness of the food which isn’t always “true” thai anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both of these places, but at least once during the day I want to find just a “normal” low key cafe/restaurant that still has comfortable space, offers good thai food and not necessarily fancy or in huge portions…just a simple phad krapow – and perhaps a coffee or beer.

This place has nailed it! A very clean and modern looking cafe, but not with all the frills. They do great traditional thai meals, with TRUE thai taste, and good portions too. They even have a few western dishes on the menu as well for you too choose from, and there will be more coming soon (so the owner tells me). In fact I got to try one of her chicken wraps which will be appearing on the menu soon.

So what have tried here?

  • Chicken wrap with french fries
    FANTASTIC!! I asked for a healthy version and so it came without mayo, and just simply made of fresh (marinated) breast chicken strips and salad in a tortilla wrap. The french fries were the thin shoe string fries and pretty crispy. I had a small bowl of ketchup and mayo to add to the wrap if I needed to or dip my fries in.
  • Laab Ghai Tort (deep fried chicken balls with thai spices and herbs)
    WOW! How frickin tasty!!!! These are balls of absolute goodness…and flavour…wow the flavour! The moment you bite into them the thai herbs and spices are released into your mouth and the flavour is incredible!
  • Phad krapow (chicken and seafood)
    Great Phad Krapow! I can’t rave about this, because I’ve tried so many good one’s, but had a lot of boring ones as well. This certainly is an above average Phad Krapow, and the ingredients quality as well. I had a sliced chicken version, and a seafood version. For the prices (which are pretty cheap) I wasn’t expecting the best seafood, but for what you pay you get good quality ingredients, a great flavour, and good portion.
  • Interesting fried rice dish (forget the name of it)
  • Cappuccino & Iced Coffee
    The cappuccino I prefered over the iced coffee, and it could have been because of having more milk. I’m pretty picky about my coffee, and I wouldn’t put this on the top of my list for quality coffee in Ao Nang, but it is above average, and only 50 baht. Put it this way, I order one every time I go there, it’s definitely a good coffee – just not what I’d call the best.

What were the main things you liked about the place?

Here’s what stood out for me in the first 5 minutes

  • Clean and fresh feeling cafe
  • SUPER friendly staff and the eagerness for them to please the customer
  • Quality – WOW, so good to get a quality thai meal at closer to normal prices
  • Prices (very well priced and quite cheap)
  • The view – being one the beach front

What are the prices like?

They’d be some of the best you’ll find along the beach front in Ao Nang (possibly THE best)

Where are they located?

On the main beach road, about 200 meters from the Holiday Inn (heading west).

Sea Breeze Cafe & Bistro
4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81180

Opening Hours

10:000 am – 8:00 pm Every Day

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • 9/10
    Location - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Food Quality - 8.5/10
  • 7/10
    Coffee Quality - 7/10


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