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Only been open a week this place….caught it in the corner of my eye while heading into Hua Hin to do some shopping. I actually had planned to head to a new place I’d seen posted on a food group here in Hua Hin but figured “errrgghhh…..there’s always tomorrow”.

I could see the espresso machine from the street and could see it was well kitted for a good coffee and probably a good breakfast.

These guys had an awesome looking breakfast menu – probably took up 3 pages of their menu!! It was all about the eggs on toast in this place, they had about 3 different versions of the eggs benedict (with salmon, ham or on it’s own) and a page dedicated to scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs were only 60 baht!!!!

What was it like?

Presentation – Bangkok style! Quality – Incredible! This place rocks but I was a little let down by the misleading menu – or perhaps my lack of attention. I ordered the “Eggs Benedict” which was actually worded as “Egg on Toast” and not “Eggs on toast” – so I was a little dissapointed when my meal arrived only with 1 egg. Considering you pay 160 baht for the Eggs Benedict and only 60 baht for the scrambled eggs (which consists of two eggs) – I figured two eggs would be a given!

But hey, it was presented and cooked really well! I also ordered cappuccino andfor 75 baht I was pretty impressed. These guys in Hua Hin are really getting up there with the quality of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Not sure which beans they used but they were probably from Chiang Mai (Quality) and the foam etc. was perfect!

What will you remember?

The price of the scrambled eggs – although I didn’t have them – I don’t think I’ve seen scrambled eggs that cheap ever!

Will you go back?

Probably too many times!!! This place is just up the road from me, it’s well priced, good coffee, quality food and awesome WiFi!

Where is it?

Sarneys | Khao Takiab | Hua Hin | 129/88 Soi Mooban Nong Kae, Nong Kae Sub-district

How do I get there?

If you’re coming from the town center, head south towards Khao Takiab. Once you see the turn off (which is actually just straight ahead) Khao Takiab, head straight and on the left just past the turnoff you’ll see a hotel called “Nice Residence” – It sits at the bottom of this hotel.

What’s the price like?

Really good – perhaps the eggs benedict is just OK (considering you only get 1 egg) – but all the rest of the prices are super cheap!

What’s their website or Facebook page?

Here’s their Facebook link


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Incredible Price!

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