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Here’s one for the Bingsu and Dessert/Sweet Toast lovers! Although they do coffee, drinks and other desserts here, the main thing that stood out for me with these guys was their Bingsu!

My first visit here was for a quick coffee stop while I worked away on the notebook. I wasn’t too picky about the quality of coffee, mainly that I had a nice air conditioned room with a good seating area where I could sit down and be comfortable for half an hour or so. Within the first few minutes the main boxes were ticked.

  • Good air conditioned room
  • Comfy seating options
  • Power Points
  • And WiFi

The coffee was better than I was expecting, especially being a cafe that focused mainly on the Thai desserts (as generally these places serve up pretty average coffee). It was definitely above average, and for a price of 40 baht, it’d need to be terrible before you could start complaining about anything. I’ll definitely come back for a coffee here, but I wouldn’t rate it as one of my fav’s for coffee.

But like I said, it’s the Bingsu that I thought was most impressive about this place. Why?

  1. Because of the 3 sizing options you have to choose from ie. small, medium and large
  2. The prices were ridiculously cheap for what you get (Small 79 baht, Medium 129 baht, Large 179 baht)

Having tried a number of different cafe’s for their Bingsu, I’ve found it’s normally not something you’d eat on your own, as the servings are quite large, and there’s generally ONLY that large option. So if you’re feeling like just a small dessert for “one”, you really have to buy a huge bowl of Bingsu and just leave the rest to waste (or just eat the whole thing to avoid feeling wasteful).

We ordered the small Chocolate Brownie Bingsu, and the serving was VERY generous. In fact there were so many chunks of brownie in the bowl you’d probably pay more just for the brownie pieces anywhere else. It was really a great bowl of Bingsu and I’d be really interested to see what the large bowl looks like!

If you’re around the 88 area, or more conveniently finishing a meal up at Baan Khun Por and looking for a great place for dessert, this is definitely worth a stop.

What did you like most about the place?

The Bingsu and the price – not sure how places like this make money.

What other features/facilities stood out?

Quality espresso machine and comfy couch/cushion type seating.

What are the prices like?

Too good to be true! Coffee – 40 baht, Bingsu 79 baht – Nuf said!

Where are they located?

Soi 88 just behind Baan Khun Por. So if you’re coming up from Phetkhasem road on soi 88…Cross the railway tracks, go straight through the roundabout (not right to other part of soi 88), keep going about 50 meters, then on your left…vwalla!

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Coffee Quality
  • Food Quality


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