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One Ounce for Onion is tucked away in a small little Soi that runs parallel with Ekkamai 12 (19/12 Ekkamai12 – check the map below). It’s about 1.5 km from Ekkamai BTS although I’ve none done a few posts of some really great cafe’s around this area so although it’s a bit of a hike, it’s quite a popular little spot for quality coffee and good food.

Ambiance / Atmosphere

It’s position makes One Ounce per Onion the perfect little spot to have a GREAT coffee and just chill in a peaceful, quiet environment. Being on a small Soi off Ekkamai 12, it can feel like you’re in the backstreets of Chiang Mai. It’s a got a cool rustic feel to the place an it’s quite cozy with the indoor area only seating about 10 people – but really that’s all it needs as I’ve never really seen it with more than 15 people. There’s a little shop attached to the cafe as well where they have their own brand of clothing and accessories – so that adds to it’s character as well and gives you something to look at (and maybe buy) while you’re there. The staff a super friendly always welcoming you as you come in the door which adds to a nice friendly feel as you take your seat inside or out. The outdoor area is about 2 times the size of the indoor area and on the not so hot days – is my preferred place to sit.


Let me start with the coffee…wow! Nothing less than pure quality and is what you would expect once you’ve had a chat with the owner and see her love for coffee. They roast their own coffee on site so you’re always getting freshly roasted coffee. As like many quality coffee shops / cafe’s in Bangkok they do all styles of coffee including cold brew, drip, cappuccino, latte and a heap more (my mate Tim will give a full run down on their coffee here – he’s the “Coffee Geek”).

The food here not only good, but different. They’ve put together a list of  dishes we’re familiar with like croissants, eggs on toast, salads, waffles etc. but with their own little spin on it. I’ve eaten here twice now with my first meal being a croissant with fried eggs and sausage/salami and the second dish being a chicken salad with mango…OK…you may say “I’ve had this before” but believe me – it’s different and it’s good. For me One Ounce for Onion serves a great coffee stop, but if you do stop for a coffee and are slightly peckish, I’d definitely say try some of their food.


A cappuccino will set you back 95 baht…and there’s no additional tax on top. The plates of food start from around 100 baht and they often run a couple of featured plates for around 100 – 150 baht (last month it was two types of ciabatta toasted sandwiches and this month is a roast pumpkin salad and a chicken mango salad, both for 120 baht).



Wifi is fast and consistent here –  I’ve never had a drop out here and it’s pretty fast if you’re not trying to download a heap of torrents! Just ask they guys behind the counter when you enter for the password, and that’s it!


You can check out Facebook page here

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Quality (Coffee)
  • Quality (Food)


It’s all about the coffee here! Nothing less than “Awesome”!

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