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Nikko Cafe is situated about 200 meters down Ekkamai 12 so it’s a bit of a hike from the BTS. Best way to arrive here would be to get a scooter taxi from Ekkamai BTS or walk (would take you about 20 minutes – 1.5Km). The good thing about this location is there’s a heap of other cool cafe’s and places to check out in this area such as “One Ounce for Onion”, “Mikkeller”, “Vanilla Garden”, “Ekamai Macchiato” and a few more.

Ambiance / Atmosphere

The good thing about the cafe’s in this area is that they are quite hidden so the atmosphere is great if you want to catch up with friends and hear each other speak. It’s also great if you want to get a bit of work done (WiFi is great), read a book or just simply have a quiet coffee or breakfast. You’ll generally always find a table to yourself and there are 4 main areas including a down stairs indoor area, an upstairs alfresco type area, an outdoor garden and then another little indoor reading area which sits along side the garden.


So far, the quality and presentation of both food and coffee is well above average. I ordered the eggs benedict and the presentation for one was a work of art. The poached eggs were done to perfection and the hollandaise sauce had the typical Thai twist to it (not sure what the special ingredient was), but for once was an improvement from the standard hollandaise sauce (generally here in Thailand they add an overpowering sweet taste to everything).

The coffee is consistent and always awesome here. I’ve at least 10 here and although they don’t meet up to the standards of places like “One Ounce for Onion”, they’re consistent and a lot better than some of the other place charging the same price for a Starbucks type coffee.

The rest of their menu look great with a large selection ranging from from sourdough chicken sandwiches, salads, pasta, french fries, garlic bread with clams (different)…..it’s an interesting menu and you’ll be sure to find something you already love or something new to try!


A cappuccino will set you back 100 baht. The plates of food start from around 120 baht for something like a bowl of garlic bread or 100 for french fries. The eggs benedict and sandwiches start from around 200.

Price is quite OK for this area – if you want a good coffee from anywhere you’re always going to be looking around 90-100 baht and meals will generally start from around 150.


Wifi is OK – Fast, but not super fast – at least it’s consistent and I’ve never had a drop out here. It’s a coupon type based WiFi which you get from the counter when you place your order, or you can log in using your Facebook if you follow their page (good marketing technique!).

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Quality


If you want quality food and coffee without all the crowds – this place is a good choice!

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  • Tim says:

    Mate! Looks super chilled and those eggs topped with shaved parmesan cheese look amazing… will have to check it out next time in BKK

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