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I passed this place a number of times on the scooter and saw their banners out the front offering an all day breakfast including coffee for 150 baht – Whhhaaaat?!?!!? Coming from Bangkok this seemed ridiculous, but that’s the prices in this awesome beach town…However there is also “sometimes” a drop in quality…but never generosity!

The good thing about leaving Bangkok, is the smaller towns may not always offer 5 star quality food, but they put their time and love into the food and their not afraid of throwing on the extras! You really get what more than what you pay for here – well most of the time anyway!

Anyway, it took me about 4 passing by’s before it was actually the right time for a good breakfast and figured “hey…why not”.

What was it like?

It was actually interesting because I asked if they did this “150 baht” breaky with poached eggs instead of fried – she said “yes, we do poached eggs”. So anyway, the eggs arrived as hard boiled eggs with the shell on, but I have to admit I half expected this anyway. What I thought was awesome, was that the meal actually came with hash browns, sausage and few other extras which I wasn’t interested in, so she threw in an orange juice (freshly squeezed – and delicious by the way!!) and a cappuccino (instead of the standard black/white coffee you would normally get). I mean hey! I’m paying 150 baht here – there’s no need to try and make me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth!!

Anyway, I was actually happy with the boiled eggs because this is an “eggs on toast” blog, and I would never normally order boiled eggs and so this made me do my first post on hard boiled eggs.

The toast was really good! Multi-grain bread and enough to spread my two eggs over, as well as a nice little side of salad. It came out on it’s own plate and with jam and honey in case I wanted to eat it separate with a spread.I cracked my eggs open and crushed them up on top of my toast and before you know it I had (pretty much) poached eggs on toast. They were actually cooked really well with the yoke still runny in the middle.

Although I’m not a boiled eggs fan, this place passed – because they were cooked right (often the yoke is fully cooked and solid)!

The coffee – well nothing compared to some of the cafe’s in Bangkok, but when you’re down south on the beaches, if they get the foam right, then you’re doing OK. These guys had the foam right but probably weren’t using the best beans (I’d say something they picked up from the supermarkets here). I’d say if they used some quality beans their coffee could have been about a 3.5 / 5.

What will you remember?

The smile on the faces and generosity….I love this place!

Will you go back?

Yeah I’ll be back. But I have quite a few other places to check out here so may be some time. But I wouldn’t choose not to go there for the quality of food.

Where is it?

107/267 nong kay takiap road – Khao Takiab – Hua Hin – 77110

How do I get there?

Geez – this sections gonna be difficult now being down here. OK – so if you’re coming from Hua Hin City, you want to take Phetkasem road heading south. You’ll see signs towards Khao Takiab, but the turn off is pretty obvious. From Hua Hin the road (Phetkasem) is pretty much straight, and as soon as it takes a hard right, there’s a turn off going straight ahead pretty much, this is the road to Khao Takiab and the road the resort restaurant is on. Take this road about another 1km down from the turn off and it’s on your left hand side. They have about 4-5 banners/posters out the front advertising their restaurant.

What’s the price like?

Well super cheap – but that’s what it’s like down here. You could eat just about anything for under 200 baht and leave feeling full.

What’s their website or Facebook page?

Well it’s not a link the restaurant, but to the condo which should help you with directions.

Check out the website here.

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Awesome price and generous servings!

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