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Thought Walking In

Well firstly this place has only just opened (in the last couple of months). I pass it regularly but never gave it the time or day – I initially though it was a high class Japanese restaurant and there’s enough of those in Ekkamai / Thonglor…too much! Anyway I thought I’d stop by for a beer at the end of the day and Wow! The menu surprised me…the complete opposite of a Japanese restaurant. Brunch menu with eggs, waffles, pancakes…you name it! Burgers, fries, muscles, pastas, soups, salads….the lot!

Thought Leaving

Can’t wait to get back with a group of friends and do a brunch, lunch (or even a dinner – ssshhhh…this is a breakfast and lunch blog). Really love the place, relaxed, spacious, clean and amazing, amazing menu!

The Experience

Well I’m sitting here right now as I write this section – with my Vedette White beer – great beer! Really surprising experience, I was expecting the complete opposite when I walked in but the place is really bright, spacious, awesome menu, reasonable prices and great seating selection (you can choose between wooden dining chairs or couches and tables). I can only vouch for the beer at this stage sorry as I was only planning on a quick stop, but I will be adding more shortly….that’s for sure…I won’t make it to Sunday without coming back here to give the menu a good try!

What I Will Remember

Haha, the initial shock walking in and seeing the menu ! 🙂 Completely surprised me. But I’ll remember the complimentary popcorn they served me with my beer – different but cool…and tasty.

Will I Go Back?

Yes, regularly!


145 Soi Sukhumvit 63 (Thonglor 10) , Klong Tan Nuea, Bangkok

Getting There

You can get off at either Ekkamai or Thonglor BTS and then take a taxi (or walk – about 1 km) to Thonglor 10. If coming from Ekkamai Thonglor 10 is on your right about 1km up the road, if coming from Thonglor, it’s on the left about 1km up Thonglor.


The price is reasonable – a little on the high side for hamburger, but this is Bangkok and for quality food you pay western prices. No need to explain the prices though – the image gallery has the full Munch Menu for you to look at!


You can check out their Facebook page here.


Wifi worked well, I just used it for browsing the web (no heavy downloads or speed tests) but it seemed pretty quick and reliable.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Quality


Great menu with a good variety of food!

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