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Wow! for 120 baht they offer a full breakfast including a cappuccino and juice, that’s like $5. I actually had plans to have breakfast at one of my favourites, “The Market”, at Market Village, but passed this little place and figured why not go somewhere different and do a blog post while I’m at it.

I may have eaten here once before – can’t remember – but I know they’ve been here for the 4 years or so I’ve been passing through here. They’re actually a bakery and offer fresh bread, english muffins etc. etc. and have a cafe/restaurant with dining area indoor and outdoor where you can order sandwiches, baguettes and a heap of other things including  eggs on toast!

So looking at the menu there was a good range of food for breakfast, all around 120 baht and all came with a coffee and a juice.

What was it like?

I ordered the poached eggs on toast which actually came with 2 slices of rye bread, a burger bun/roll and 4 slices of ham (marmalade and butter on the side). I wasn’t too hopeful on getting my poaches eggs considering my last experience, but these guys knew what poached eggs were, probably not presented in the best way, but still…cooked perfectly (runny yoke in the middle and a solid egg white)!

My cappuccino arrived first….whoa…probably tasted more like Nescafe instant coffee with milk foam thrown on top – but hey – I wasn’t expecting a quality coffee at this price – you pay the price of my whole meal in Bangkok or Melbourne for a good coffee (or for any coffee at all – even if it does taste like crap!).

Anyway, probably got half way through the coffee before thinking – “I’ll hold off and get a proper one later”.

Juice – a little sweet – but I needed the sugar – it was alright.

The food – well as I’ve already said, really good, just the presentation wasn’t the best.


What will you remember?

The price, soooooo cheap!!! And the nice outdoor area – in the morning it’s perfect, not too hot, gentle breeze – made it feel like a Sunday!

Will you go back?

For sure! This will be my “no need to think” breakfast stop – cheaper than I can probably do making it myself, and good quality!

Where is it?

Morning Bread | Hua Hin | Phetkasame Road, Soi 94, 77110, Thailand.

If you’re coming from the town center, head south towards Market Village (everyone knows where this is) – then about 4-5 soi’s past that is soi 94 – take a right into soi 94 and about 200m up the road on the left hand side is the restaurant.

How do I get there?

Assuming you’re coming from Hua Hin city, take either a tuk tuk taxi or scooter taxi  – they’ll probably charge you about 100-150 baht for the ride (if going by tuk tuk), but that’s the minimum price you’ll pay even if you’re going 50 meters. If you’re going by scooter taxi you’ll probably get a ride for 20 baht.

What’s the price like?

Incredible! at 120 baht for a meal like that – Wow! All the other meals are reasonable as well – you won’t be out of pocket coming to this place.

What’s their website or Facebook page?

Here’s there Trip Advisor Link


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Incredible Price!

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