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Well here’s something a bit different! Normally I’m posting mainly on food and coffee, however this place (although having a good food menu as well), has more to write about than just the food, drinks and coffee.

Le Colonial Beach Club Hua Hin offers great value for money and a great way to spend the morning, afternoon or whole day on the beaches of Hua Hin. You can really indulge yourself here in luxury at a very reasonable price.

The beach club sits right on the front of one the best parts of Hua Hin beach and has an alfresco type dining area, an infinity swimming pool that faces the beach, deck chairs by the pool, a bar by the pool, and a number of private cabanas to choose from. Walking into the place it’s all very impressive, and perhaps you’re expecting a heavy price tag to come with it – which, although isn’t on the “cheap” size, it’s a very reasonable price for what you get.

The sun beds are 300 baht per day – BUT – you also get to order 300 baht worth of  food/drink from their menu. So basically your bed comes free as long as you spend a minimum of 300 baht. They also have private cabanas with two beds at 500 baht per person (so 1000 baht total), and like the sunbeds, you get 1000 baht to spend at the bar/restaurant.

Now food isn’t cheap, but not expensive either, and they’ve got a good range of choices to choose from. For example, you can get a Phad Si-Eaw for 80 baht, a phad thai for 120 baht, or a club sandwich for 350 baht. This isn’t all that’s on the menu, however it gives you a good idea of the range of prices and type of food you can expect.

The beers are what might chew your money up here, as most small (330ml) beers are around 200-220 baht except for a 330ml glass of Chaang Draft for 180 baht. The smoothies/fruit shakes are delicious and are around 150 baht. I had about three of them – a watermelon smoothie, pina colada and a pineapple shake – the favourite was the pina colada.If you’re thinking that’s a bit to pricey, than maybe head down here around 3:00 pm and use the pool and deck chairs for a bit and that make use of the happy hour from 4pm – 5pm where you buy 1 and get 1 free. They also have another discount that runs between 11:00-12:00 in the morning where you get whatever the current temperature is (so normally around 32-33 degrees) percent off your drinks (so 32-33%).

The food was great, and we tried a couple of the cheaper dishes and one of the western dishes which are a little more expensive (but nothing more than you’d expect to pay at Coffee Club or some of the other restaurants – without the beach view and swimming pool). We tried the Phad Si-Eaw, and being 80 baht we were expecting a snack size serving, however we got a very large serving and is definitely enough to share between two people. We also tried the Phad Thai, Tom Yum Talay (Spicy Thai Soup with Seafood), the Club Sandwich and some of their snacks like French Fries (100 baht – and also a very good serving) and some spring rolls (100 baht also).

The club sandwich was a little ordinary, it makes for a good photo maybe and looks good coming out of the kitchen, but the ingredients were very minimal, just a couple of slices of lettuce, not much chicken, not much bacon, and with 4 layers/slices of bread, it actually felt like I could really only taste the bread and not much else.

Other than the Club Sandwich though, the rest was really delicious!!

We’ve tried both options here, first time the sunbeds at 300 baht per person, and then the cabana at 500 baht per person (1000 baht total). Having tried both, I can say that at 1000 baht for a private cabana, this is the best deal. With the cabana we were much more comfortable and spent a whole day here, so for 1000 baht we had a whole day on the beach, swimming pool, 1000 baht worth of food and drink and our own private cabana. The cabanas also have power points if you need to plug in any of your devices or charge your phone. For a whole day in a luxurious resort style beach club and all of this, 1000 baht is amazing value!

What did you like most about the place?

What didn’t I like?!?! everything here was great, from the sunbeds, cabanas, swimming pool, service, cleanliness (toilets etc.) – I couldn’t find a thing you would complain about with this place. The swimming pool however was probably the best – spending a day just lazing in the pool overlooking the beach with a pina colada – perfect!

What other features/facilities stood out?

Well, everything stood out – all the features and facilities I’ve listed above. But what I think makes this place better/different from the umbrella beach bars, is the cleanliness. If you’re wanting to spend a day on the beach but don’t want to get sand all over you or you’re wanting clean toilets and showers to have access to, this is a great choice.

What are the prices like?

Great value for money – for what you get, I’d say “cheap”. I don’t know of any other place where you get all of this for a whole day with at 1000 baht. If there other places – I’d love to know where they are.

Where are they located?

Easy to find! Directly opposite Market Village – well almost directly. You can see it from the overpass actually – if you’re on the overpass to Market Village, have a look towards the beach and you’ll see a big vacant block of land (a little to the left). At the end of that block of land is the beach club.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Food Quality


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