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The interior of this place is absolutely stunning and so fresh, vibrant and green!

From the outside you’d think you were walking into a tiny little 2 square meter cafe with it’s small front appearance…but it opens up into a large dining area out the back (reminded me of Air Space – Hua Hin)  that made you feel like you were sitting in a Green House.

This was another Google Map find on my most recent visit to Bangkok. I simply typed in “cafe” on my maps and noticed this place…which I’d never seen or heard of before. It was only 6 months or so back I was last in this area and I’m sure this place didn’t exist, as I’d walk up and down this street at least once a day.

The coffee here is top quality, and so it should be as you are paying top price for it. At 120 baht for a cappuccino and 115 baht for a piccolo latte, you’d want to be served a quality coffee, and that you’ll get! One thing I didn’t realise at first glance of the menu though was that your coffee is served with a delicious home made cookie as well, and I mean DELICIOUS!…not the standard “Arnotts” biscuit you might find at other places. So for the friendly service, quality and spacious seating/dining options, DECLICIOUS coffee, and homemade cookie on the side…this is great value in my opinion!

The food here is mainly cakes and cookies and a few pastries as well including croissants, some hot dog looking things and other nibblies (so mainly all sweets). The sweets looked great, particularly their double choc cookies!

It’s a bit of a walk from the BTS, maybe 10 minutes or so, but if you’re in On Nut area it’s definitely worth a stop if you wanting a good coffee – I’d say it’s the best coffee you’ll find in the area (based on the 10 or so cafe’s I’ve visited around here).

If you’re one that loves to take a photo or two, this is a MUST stop. I’m not a “selfie” person myself, but I’ve been to enough cafe’s to know what makes a place popular for a photo shoot, and this has it all!

What did you like most about the place?

The Architecture and ambience of the place. It’s a real surprise, because the place looks so small from the outside, but when you walk in the front door it’s quite the opposite. A large wooden chandelier hangs from the ceiling near the entrance, and all the table and furniture has an antique classiness to it, like you’d find in an old mansion.

The coffee menu shows they know their stuff with the “flat white” and “piccolo” on the menu, a quality coffee machine, and a number of coffee grinders with different roast in each one. The sweets are all on display out the front as well, so if you’re not feeling peckish, you might be after staring at their cakes and cookies display for a couple of minutes.

What other features/facilities stood out?

  • Cool wooden spiral staircase in the front area (adding to that antique/old feel to the place)
  • Nice water feature outside
  • A lot of greenery around the outside that you can through the windows of the cafe – adding to that “green house” feel
  • Free WiFi
  • Friendly staff

What are the prices like?

Good value for what you get. Some might say too much for a coffee, but if you pay for quality and you get quality, then it’s good value in my opinion. And with the cookie on the side it’s better than what you get from other cafe’s around Bangkok (some would sell the cookie alone for an extra 40 baht).

Where are they located?

199/1 ,Soi Bunthom ,Sukhumvit 50 road Phrakanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Where can I find them online?

They have a Facebook page here

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Coffee Quality


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