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Another new cafe in Khao Takiab!

After taking a drive down to Khao Takiab beach the other weekend, it seems there’s a lot going down in the area including a a new wood fired pizza restaurant that used to be the “O La La Pizza” place, or perhaps it’s the same place but just had a reno and a new pizza oven installed…not sure cause I haven’t checked it out yet, but it’s on the list. If anyone’s been there, would be interested hear what you thought about it!

Anyway, back to the topic – “Kocchira Cafe”. It was late afternoon on the way back from the beach when checking this place out, so I wasn’t going to grab a coffee, but I was keen to take a look inside and see what they had on offer.

The cafe does have the normal selections of coffees and chocolate drinks on the menu (just so you know), as well as a number of cakes and sweets to choose from, and some healthy, and not so healthy smoothies to sip up as well. Being hot, dry and thirsty from the beach, I was after something fresh, cold and thirst quenching, so I ordered the mango smoothie. My partner ordered the Oreo smoothie and then we also ordered some cookies and blueberry muffin to share as well.

The smoothies we great! The mango smoothie was a bit too icy to start with, and so I had a bit of difficulty sucking it up through the straw, but after giving it some to melt a little, all was good! Was really fresh and not too sweet.

The Oreo smoothie was much more drinkable (not too icy) and absolutely delicious. Probably not the healthiest option but very tasty nonetheless and hard to stop drinking once you’ve taken a sip. Try it…see if you can stop!

The cookies – really nice. We had the cranberry cookies….they were kinda like shortbread in taste and texture, so not the soft and chewy type is that’s your preference, more break and melt in your mouth type stuff.

The last thing i tried was one of the freshly bakes muffins (blueberry). The top was great where all the magic was, with a lot of blueberries a blueberry syrup, however below that, not too much…it could have had a few more berries in the middle…after eating off the top off of it, it was more like eating a plane muffin.

First impression of this place was really good. From walking in the door I was really impressed with design and ambiance of the place, great use of colours, great lighting and a lot of space. There’s actually 4 areas to choose from….including the main indoor area which is mainly cushion type stools and a couch….two outdoor areas (the front outdoor area facing the street with 3-4 tables seating 4 people, and the back outdoor area which sits in the main garden and pool area of the hotel attached) and another indoor area which is used for their baking workshops that they hold 3-4 days a week in the morning and afternoons.

It’s this second indoor area that appealed to me the most, as it had a good number of benches and tables to sit at where you could work away on your notebook for a good couple of hours. There was a workshop on when I was here, but I did ask the owner if the space was available when the workshops weren’t running and she said it was. I can’t be 100% sure of this as I haven’t been here when there’s no workshops on, but I’ll be making a visit in the next couple of days to find out. I’ve posted the workshop hours on the website too in case you’re interested in a “learn to bake” session or in case you’d prefer to avoid these hours and use the workshop area.

What i liked most about this place was the ambiance. Great colours and lighting…really chill and relaxed feel the place. I’ll be coming back for a coffee and think it’ll be a great place to set my notebook up and work away for a few hours….when the workshops aren’t on.

What did you like most about the place?

The space and ambiance, very open and spacious with a great area to get some work done.

What other features/facilities stood out?

I loved the selection of colours combined with the lighting (dim, but not too dark). Was also cool seeing the cooking/baking workshops they run regularly.

What are the prices like?

Pretty good. 15 baht for 2 cookies, 35 baht for a Blueberry muffin, 90 baht for a smoothie, and I think around 60 baht for a coffee (can’t remember the price for coffee exactly).

Where are they located?

In between the first 7/11 and Family Mart (opposite side) when coming into the bottom of Kaho Takiab (from Hua Hin). It’s actually the place “Brew Monkey” used to be. Check out the map below anyway.

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
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