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For a town that’s quite small, and what you would call a “country town” – it has it’s good selection of cafe’s to choose from. I’ve been to about three here so far, and all have designs and decor are like what I’d it find in a lot modern cafe’s in the larger cities like Kohn Kaen, Chiang Mai and even Bangkok…the town…Kumphawapi

Kim’s cafe would probably be my favourite cafe in this town (Kumphawapi) as it ticks all the boxes for me…ie.

  • Great ambiance
  • Quality coffee
  • Good WiFi
  • Great food

Great Ambiance

It was the whole style of the place that grabbed my attention at first. From the cafe itself (style and architecture), to the logo/sign, it just had everything that makes it look like a quality cafe and my kinda style for somewhere to sit and have a good coffee.

The cafe is the bottom floor of a two story traditional looking thai house. The top floor (which is not part of the cafe) is the traditional thai part, made of wood and all..well.. “thai lookin”. The bottom part has been renovated to be modern and funky using a red/brown brick and byfold doors that open the whole place up. It works well, as the place has a very natural/outdoor feel to it with plants/ferns hanging around different areas and raw/natural looking woodern tables and chairs. The main concrete wall that separates the cafe to it’s neighbour also has some street type retro art on it which ads to the whole style of this place.

Quality Coffee

The offee was “spot on” here for me, my favoutire (the cappuccino) was made just perfect. At 40 baht for a coffee, I was thinking they may be using some wholesale cheap priced beans that taste all burnt and flavourless…but the strength, flavour and overall quality was bang on! I was actually so impressed with the quality I had to check out where they got their beans from. They use Brew Planet for their beans which is a great coffee roaster in Khon Kaen, and also seem to be popular to other cafe’s across Thailand who use them for providing their coffee beans. I’ve been to their cafe before and they’re really up there!

Great WiFi

It’s not a neccessity for me, but it is a nice to have and does tick the final box. It’s always good to have a quality WiFi connection rather than using the Gigs up on your mobile plan.

Great Food

The cafe is full of great little cakes and bites that are home made and generally pretty healthy. I’ve tried the vegan cranberry cookies here (soft and chewy – really delicious). The chocolate brownie, which also seemes quite healthy – it wasn’t too sweet, so for me it was perfect as most desserts here are too sweet for my liking, but for the sweet tooth people out there, it might be a little too bland. Then last but certainly not least….one of the Toasted Sandwiches.

The toasted sandwiches were awesome! So fresh, full of flavour, healthy and at a really cheap price of 60 baht!

There’s two toasted sandwiches to choose from, including a Scrambled Egg, Chicken Breast & Lettuce Sandwich (with some home made sauce), and another similar sandwich but with Bacon instead of chicken. I actually can’t remember the latter sandwich but it was another scrambled egg sandwich with something else instead of chicken (I think) 🙂

Anyway, the sandwich I can talk about is the Scrambled Egg and Chicken Sandwich. The bread was super soft and spungy with a crisp toasted outside. The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection! A little runny still, so not too dry, and a good portion too, easily two eggs in the sandwich. Then there was a sauce that added that kick of extra flavour, but didn’t kill the sandwich by overpowering it too much with flavour – it was a really delicious toasty and one I couldn’t just replicate at home.

The food menu isn’t huge, but it’s enough for a cafe in my opinion. I come here mainly for a coffee, and it’s always good to have SOME proper meals to choose from other than just cakes and sweets. This Kim’s cafe offers just that…a couple of toasties and approx 5 Thai meals.

What were the main things you liked about the place?

  • The coffee of course!
  • The ambiance – very relaxing, fresh and natural feel – like you’re sitting in an outdoor garden
  • Home made cakes and cookies – not the usual stuff you find in cafe’s – these have their own unique recipe and twist.

What are the prices like?

Everything is well priced here, cheap in fact. You could easily have a coffee and something to eat for around 100 baht here.

Where are they located?

37 หมู่ 10 ถ.จิตประสงค์ ต.กุมภวาปี อ.กุมภวาปี จ.อุดรธานี 41110 Kumphawapi

Opening Hours

10:300am – 5:00 pm Every Day

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • 7/10
    Location - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Food Quality - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Ambiance - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Coffee Quality - 8.5/10


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