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It’s been a week of nice views and relaxed vibes with the cafe hopping this week. I’ve been drawn to the Nong Prajak park for some recreational time, which is normally a nice walk around the lake of an evening or morning. Taking it slow and easy you notice a few of ther restaurants and cafes that have the prime lake front location, however you wouldn’t find them easily from any of the main roads. So I took some notes on same of the cafe’s I thought had a great view and checked them out on the map to come back and visit them outside of my recreational hours.

This place was one of them, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s only just opened up it’s doors as I have walked this park before and never noticed this little gem, What grabbed me the most was the layout of the place, the decor and the views over the lake. First glance I could see there was a nice outdoor balcony/terrace with a large seating area, and an egg type swing chair for lounging back to relax back in and take in the views. There’s also a hammock that sits outside over the ground if you really want to lap it up. It also had a rather large indoor area as well, all closed off (so I was assuming all airconditioned – and now I can say it is). The other thing that grabbed my attention of this place was the name “Khuntong COFFEE” :-)…so I assumed this was their specialty and so I could enjoy a good coffee here as well.

Well when walking into the place, the ambiance and vibe was what I expected…relaxed, chill, airy and a little co-worky as well. There was a room to the side with a large table (boardroom style table) which looked like they hold presentations/workshops here…so it could be a bit of a co-working hot-spot as well….but couldn’t be sure. Some people were playing Jenga on the other side of the room, so there’s also some games for you to play here as well (rather than spend your time with your friends/partner/family looking at your phone the whole time :-))

I really loved this place, even just as a social space to hang out with friends, or to relax on your own if you want to just chill for an hour or more. It doesn’t have a single “rushed” feel to the place, it really is somewhere that’s worth coming to spend more than 30 minutes….it would seem a waste to run in and out of this place so quickly.

So the coffee wasn’t my prefferred coffee…but it will be for some. I would say my cappuccino was more like the coffee I would get in Paris (French style), which, is nothing against French coffee, it’s just I find the coffee there lacks the thick foam and creaminess you get from say an Australian cappuccino. I know a lot of my Northern European friends love this style of coffee…but each to their own right? So for a French style coffee, it could be just perfect, and I can say that it’s not made from a cheap home coffee machine either or low quality beans…they have all the professional grade cafe equipment for making a good coffee, and the glavour was of a good quality and strong…just not my preferred style that’s all. The other thing I always have to remind myself too is that a “coffee” shop here in Thailand, isn’t always about the cappuccino, latte’s, macchiatos etc…it’s often more about the cold/iced coffee’s as they seem to be the most popular thing here…and I’ve yet to try one of these, so that will be my next choice (I plan to visit here quite a bit).

There is food on the menu as well, including a heap of desserts and some popular Thai dishes like your Phad Krapow. The menu I looked at was all in Thai, so couldn’t say exactly what dish was what…but the prices all looked pretty reasonable, around 50-70 baht for a dish. I would recommend to check out their facebook page for photos of food and other drinks (there’s a link at the bottom of this blog).

Anyway, for me this place has a lot to offer just with it’s size, location and ample seating areas (including games to play like Jenga). This alone makes this place a top place for me to come sit and get some stuff done on the notebook, or simply sit and chill with friends for an hour or so, or simply on your own to enjoy the peace and quite with the beautiful views.

I will be back to this place for sure, next time to try an iced coffee/latte as it looks like this might be their specialty.


What are the prices like?

Around ฿50 for a cappucino…nuff said right?

Where are they located?

61/47 Ban Non, Makkeng Road, Muang, Udon Thani 41000

If you’re coming around the top end of the lake (north/east side), it’s almost directly opposite the Beyond Cafe there. You will see a driveway/parking area in on the river side with an old Thai style two story restaurant/cafe area. I’m not sure if I’ve described that too well…so good luck! 🙂 But you can always use the map below for an accurate location.

Opening Hours

Every day: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • 10/10
    Location - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Ambiance - 10/10
  • 5/10
    Coffee - 5/10


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