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Thought Walking In

Bright, a little cozy (some might say cramped) but room to sit and setup my laptop. Coming in I could see the pourover coffee flasks all lined up, a number of different grinders, a marzocco espresso machine and coffee beans on sale…the guys at Kaizen Coffee Co had this place kitted out and it seemed all about the coffee…or was it?

Thought Leaving

Well I’ve been back twice now so leaving the first time, I definitely wanted to come back and try their food (as I only had a coffee on first visit). After trying the food on my second visit I was impressed and thought…”got myself a great little local for breakfast!” – the place I could easily come back to for a coffee and a breakfast burger on a weekend. Might not come back so much on a weekday as it’s out of the way of most things so if you’ve got things you need to get done it’s not the kind of place for a quick stop. After the coffee and BLT sandwich I felt filled but not stuffed!

I was also impressed with the menu – minimal but interesting – I like that, especially because I’m so indecisive. If I’m handed a menu with too much on it, I can be sitting there for hours just deciding!

The Experience

Different to what I was expecting. I read about this little spot on a Timeout “The best coffee shops and cafe’s in Bangkok” and this one was close to home and never knew it existed. The coffee was great and up there with “One Ounce for Onion” and some of the other top coffee shops and cafe’s around this area. One thing I loved about this place and was different from all the others, was the cappuccino froth having hot chocolate blended in with it (not too many places sprinkle chocolate powder on top, let alone blended in). The guys running this place have spent a lot of time in Australia and you can tell from the coffee menu…the “flat white” (and the chocolate on the cappuccino).

The seating down stairs is a little different but perfect for if you’re just there for a coffee or bite to eat with a friend. The seating is like a long bench/couch fixed on the wall with table fixed to the floor so it works almost like an arm rest (difficult to explain – check out the photos). I wanted to set my laptop up and it was a little awkward, you’re kinda twisting left/right while your typing away. The seating upstairs however is perfect for either setting your laptop up or sitting with a group of three or more, the setup is normal square table with chairs either side.

The food? Well this place wan’t just about the coffee, the food looked great! I grabbed the Heavy BLT and the photo’s don’t do it justice! Underneath that slice of ham (I ordered ham instead of bacon) was a mixture of caremelised onion, tomato and rocket…WOW!, what an awesome kick to the sandwich! The only downside to this meal was it came served in a mixing bowl – cool concept, but not practical because it wasn’t really a sandwich you eat with your hands so I had to use my knife and folk, and cutting up a sandwich inside a mixing bowl was a little awkward (I kinda had to lean over and get inside the bowl to do anything with it).

The people next to me ordered the breakfast burger which looked like the perfect little breakfast “snack” (I say “snack” because it’s a small burger type bun, about the size of the McDonald’s bacon and egg McMuffin). This one came out on wooden chopping board which would have been a lot better for using your knife and folk on it however the bun was perfect for eating with your hands…perhaps they should swap the mixing bowl and chopping boards around.

What I Will Remember

The chocolate on the cappuccino of course! I started to think it was just something not done here in Thailand.

Will I Go Back?

Ahhhh…already been back twice – so…yeah.


582/5 Tai Ping Tower Between 26-28 Ekkamai Rd, Klongtun Neau, Wattana, Bangkok 10260

Getting There

Probably not the easiest place if you’re coming by public transport. You would want to get off at Ekkamai BTS and then a taxi all the way up Ekkamai (Sukhumvit Soi 63) until you to about soi 26 on Ekkamai (on your right). It sits in a little plaza of other small shops, cafe’s and restaurants.


Well priced for this area – coffee is 100 baht (cappuccino, latte, flat white etc.) and the food wasn’t too expensive at all (between 150 – 250 baht for a good burger/sandwich).


You can check out their Facebook page here.


Wifi worked well, I wasn’t doing any heavy downloads but it was uninterrupted and fast for the work I was doing.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Quality


Flat White’s and Chocolate milk powder on cappuccino’s

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