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The name itself has a kind of elegance to it – and looking at the new cafe in Bluport shopping mall – it’s got class written all over it. It’s actually one of only two lucky cafe’s that got front position of the shopping mall giving it space for a nice outdoor area.

The place is super spacious with an outdoor seating area (surrounded by a garden and water features), a front indoor seating area (which is really bright, spacious and modern), and then the rear (which could also be called the front as you can enter there from inside the shopping mall) which is more of a dark, mellow, loungy feeling area.

I arrived here right on opening time (which was 10:30) so there was basically no one else in there. That’s the only problem with the Bluport Resort Mall, it opens rather late and there’s lot of great places here to grab a coffee or have a breakfast but sometimes 10:30 is just too late!

What was it like?

Well the menu was incredible, a huge range of food and great selection of breakfasts – about 5-6 different types of Eggs on Toast Breaky’s and a number of other options as well (and this is just for breakfast). The price tag was pretty high, in fact it was higher than a lot of places I’ve visited in Bangkok – however this new Bluport shopping mall is a “resort” shopping mall and has all the big names in here, so I think it has been built to offer a piece of Bangkok in Hua Hin.

I felt really comfortable in this place – seating was great and good size tables where your plate of food and coffee weren’t banging into each other. I chose the bright spacious indoor area – outdoor would have been nice but by 10:30 Hua Hin is already pretty hot! But this spot was great anyway with the brightness and spaciousness – it kinda cleared my head for the morning!

The service was great, always someone coming at the right time, but not too often (they obviously had their eyes open and knew when you had and hadn’t finished your meal).

Quality of food – amazing! But I have to say it was different. Most of the Eggs on Toast (scrambled, benedict, poached….) came with some interesting additions – for example mine came with chopped capsicum/peppers mixed in with diced potatoes. The toast was served separately which I’m not always happy with because as you’ll see from the image gallery – it’s a tough job getting a runny poached egg onto piece of toast with your fork!! The eggs were cooked to perfection though and the bread for the toast was a nice multigrain bread and seemed to have been cooked in a sandwhich press so it was nice a crispy on the outside.

The coffee – well I’d say average – especially when you’re paying around 100 baht for it – doesn’t come close to some of the other good cafe’s here in Hua Hin.

What will you remember?

The quality of food and ambience – great place to sit, relax and have a good breakfast!

Will you go back?

Probably – If I came here often I wouldn’t order what I ordered today all the time – my bill came to 400 baht which is a bit high for a breakfast you have regularly. There were meals on there for around 150-200 baht so next time I might just get something more simple (and without the coffee).

Where is it?

Dean & Deluca | Bluport Resort Mall | Hua Hin | Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand

How do I get there?

It sites between soi 100 and soi 102 – about 500 meters south of Bangkok Hospital. Basically from Hua Hin city, just ask a Tuk Tuk driver or bus to take you to Blu Port (they all know where it is) – and you’ll travel south on Petchkasem road for about 2 km’s and you’re there (it’s on the right coming from Hua Hin city).

What’s the price like?

Not cheap, but you get what you pay for here. The quality was really good and the place itself was really comfy!

What’s their website or Facebook page?

They don’t really have one as it’s a global chain and most of the focus is on the Deli/Stores – not their Cafe’s.

Here are some links though that might help you out.



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