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Why is this my first visit to this awesome place? I worked in a co-working space just opposite to this building for over 1 month and never gave it the time or day. Feeling lazy this morning I thought “bugger it – I’m going get someone else to make my breakfast today”. So onto Google and searching for good cafe’s around area – and this place popped up (after filtering through all the eggs on toast results 🙂 ). I figured “yeah why not – catch up with some of the ex co-working guys as well”.

What was it like?

Well from the first look at the menu I was impressed, they had everything!! You could bring anyone here and they’d find something like – and if they don’t – they’re probably not a friend you want to be dining with. They had pasta’s, amazing looking baguettes and sandwiches, desserts (of course – a heap of them), and a good range of coffee’s and teas.

I started with a caaapp…..no today it was a latte (here in Bangkok the latte is much the same as a cappuccino but double the size at most places – fill it up!). It was pretty good and so it should be at 120 baht – but wouldn’t compare it to Roots, One Ounce for Onion or Ink and Lion, but still really good.

It’s now 10:00 am and time to feed…but need to cut it back on the sauce and cheese today because I’ve been cafe hopping a little too much lately – so I asked for the Eggs Benedict with Ham and the Hollandaise sauce on the side  (as I said in my previous post, one reason I love this place is you can add, change, remove anything you like from a meal and the Thai’s will do it for you – with a smile!!! ).

The eggs were cooked to perfection, runny yoke in the middle with a fully cooked egg white. The toast…or should I say I brioche was kinda cool – never had eggs on a brioche before but it worked…and it wasn’t sweet!!

The place is really spacious and feels even more so with the large glass walls making it look a little like greenhouse. There’s a heap of seating available from shared / group tables to private square table, and bench/counter type tables. There’s also an upstairs area which I didn’t check out but you no worries finding a comfy place to sit in this place – plenty of room! It sits in a great little plaza (one of favourites) and has a good 4-6 other cafe’s and restaurants around the area – so even if you wanted to just pop in for a coffee and do you breakfast, brunch or lunch at another place – go for it.

What was your thought leaving?

Different! Perhaps I prefer my eggs on toast than a Brioche. I’m Australian – not French.

What will you remember?

Probably the way my latte came out – was in one of those 2 layered hollow plastic cups so it doesn’t get hot – different.

Will you go back?

Yeah I’ll definitely come back – very difficult question because this plaza holds 3 of my top cafe’s in Bangkok. I wouldn’t necessarily choose this cafe…I’d choose the plaza and then make a decision when I got there.

Where is it?

D’Ark, Piman 49 – Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

How do I get there?

I’d say BTS to Thonglor and get a scooter taxi or taxi up Soi 49 – a good place to say would be “Villa Market Soi 49” – most people know where Villa Market is and this place is just opposite. It’s about 1km up Soi 49 from Thonglor station.

What’s the price like?

Yeah I wouldn’t say cheap – but nothing in Soi 49 is cheap – so I’d say the prices are pretty good for the area. I spent 500 baht on a coffee, water (french bottled water), and the Eggs Benedict. Most of the meals range from 200 – 300 baht.

What’s their website or Facebook page?

Check out the website here.

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Cool location, great food!

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