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A BBQ Beef Buffet with QUALITY Beef!

Their menu promotes Thai/French beef, so I’m not actually sure what that means, whether the meat comes from France and they prepare it Thai Style, Or the beef comes from Thailand, but aged or prepared French style…I’d probably say the latter. Either way, this is some of the best beef I’ve had here in Thailand that’s not Australian or New Zealand beef.

This place was on the radar for a while. I pass by it most times in Udon Thani when visiting UD town (a large and popular shopping and restaurant area alongside the train station). It’s not hard to miss, with all the lighting going on bright colours used on and around the buildings, it really stands out. If you walk close by to it, you also can’t miss the smell of the fresh meat roasting away on the outdoor BBQ’s. There’s also a craft beer shed that opens up next door to the place as well, it may be all part of the one palce, I’m not sure, as it was closed due to the Buddha holiday (so no serving of alcohol).

I was on my way for a Sushi Buffet but figured I’d stop by this BBQ joint and check out their menu “just for a look”. It was pretty impressive with the selection of meats and seafood on the menu, and we could see all the BBQ’s already cooking up what looked to be quality T-Bone steaks, other cuts of beef, seafood, and heap of other stuff, it all looked great!

They had a few buffet options to choose from, the main two selections being ฿399 and ฿499  (per person). The ฿399 buffet had a heap of meat your could choose from and seemed like the more popular option. The ฿499 may have a had a few more selection/cuts of meat to choose from, but not much, but I think you got an extra full steak (T-Bone) included. The ฿399 buffet came with a full T-Bone steak to share between two, and for an extra 100 baht you could buy another full steak. Anyway, this was the same price as our Sushi Buffet and was something different, so figured we’d eat for the evening.

We chose the indoor area to sit as it was a little warm outside and the indoor seating area had these great rangehood type vaccums sitting above your BBQ to suck up all the smoke. There also seemed to be more room on the table inside than the outside tables. The indoor area seats around 30 people, and the outdoor area about the same as well.

We ordered ฿399 buffet and that included

  • A full size T-Bone steak to share between the two of us
  • Unlimited selection of meats and other food
  • Service – the staff would come and help with your BBQ if they saw something over cooking or the flames started to pipe up a bit
  • An Ice Cream for dessert.

Take note – don’t order too much if you’re not going to eat it, as they charge you ฿100 per 100gms of left over food. We had a little left and it was all good, so they aren’t too strict on this rule, but I’m sure if you had 2-3 small plates of food un-touched they’d probably make you pay for it.

The t-Bone steak was probably the best, but the other cuts of beef were truely delicious as well, and nice and soft. Now I’m no steak cooking expert, but my steak came out nice and soft and full of flavour. I’m sure if you’re good at cooking your steaks, you could do a pretty good job of all of this. There wasn’t a piece of beef here that was too tough, or bland, it was all so fresh and didn’t seem like yesterdays cow (like most other places do around here).

The seafood was top quality here too, in fact I would rate the seafood up there among the best seafood buffets I’ve been too in Thailand as well. There’s not a huge selection of seafood, but all of it was good quality, for example the shrimp were were a good size, huge in fact, and really fresh – they had that really meaty texture, and not rubbery.

If you like your steak, and you’re in Udon Thani, I definitely recommend coming by this place for an evening. The location is perfect as well, cause you can pop over the road either before or after your meal and check out the local markets, or even sit and listen to some live music in UD town.

What were the main things you liked about the place?

  • The RangeHoods (or ducted fans/vaccumes) – first place I’ve been t with these. The only thing I don’t like about Thai/Korean BBQ’s is the smoke and steam going in your eyes and can also leave me feeling hot. You don’t get that here!
  • The BEEEEFFFF! Great quality beef for a buffet – I was thinking for a buffet the meat would be pretty average, but nope – if you’re feeling hungry, you can really get your moneys worth here, the beef is really good and I think you’d pay much more buying your own from a market and cooking it at home.
  • Location – sits right next to UD Town and only 5 minutes walk to Central Plaza, Massage Shops and Bars.

What are the prices like?

Great for what you get. Like I said, I think you’d pay more to get this quality of steak and the same portions (unlimited) to cook at home!

Where are they located?

310/1 Thongyai Rd, Mak Khaeng Sub-district, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000

Opening Hours

10:00am – 12:00am Every Day

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • 10/10
    Location - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Food Quality - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Ambiance - 9/10


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