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Initial Thought

Felt like walking into Starbucks / Cafeteria – bar counter with a chalk menu board above, hard wood seating with kind of small tables – like an “eat and go” kind of place. Menu was great with a huge variety – eggs on toast (benedict, scrambled, american, even egg taco’s), toasted panini’s, pasta’s, pancakes, deserts (cakes, brownies etc.) – you could really please anyone here with the food! And for the coffee, they use “Roots” which are a great roaster – but didn’t try a coffee so can’t judge on this one – next time.

Thought Leaving

I’ll definitely come back for either a coffee and/or another breakfast – would love to try their pesto chicken panini  next time – but could easily do the eggs benedict again!

The Experience

Not the coziest of places, bit open and not the most comfiest seating. But if you’re just after a good meal and not too badly priced, this place is perfect. We ordered the Eggs Benedict with Salmon and the Mixed Berry Pancakes – I’m not a desert person but promise my friend I would try a desert on this occasion. The Eggs Benedict with Salmon was perfect! The bread they used was similar to GRAM’s, I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a cross between a muffin and a pancake – works really well with Eggs. The Mixed Berry Pancakes were great as well, the strawberry’s weren’t the best, some of them were a bit on the white/green side, so not the ripest strawberry’s I’ve seen. It’s prepared as three stacked pancakes with icing sugar on top and around the plate, and the fruit on top as well. You also get a a little cup of maple syrup.

What I Will Remember

The quality of food and service! The service was great, fast and with a smile and they got everything right – the Eggs Benedict were prepared within 5 minutes of ordering – and the place wasn’t empty either – quite full actually, we were lucky to get a table.

Will I Go Back?



2nd Fl. Exchange Tower, 388 , Bangkok. It’s basically opposite Asok BTS station.

Getting There

Probably the easiest of all blogs yet – you simply get the BTS to Asok and then stay on the walkway overpass and head over the main intersection to the Exchange building (on the right). Take a right into the Exchange building and it’s on the left as soon as you enter the Exchange building.


Price is reasonable – 240 – 290 Baht for the Eggs Benedict (depending whether you have it Salmon or Bacon) and I think aorund 250 Baht for the pancakes. The coffee’s (cappuccino’s, latte’s etc.) were 100 baht and the rest of the food on the menu was between 150 – 300 Baht (average).


You can check out their Facebook page here.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Quality


Great Location!

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