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Possibly the best Coffee and Cafe in the Ao Nang area! Fresh roasted coffee, owned/managed by an Australian (so there’s a great selection of Comfort food including poached eggs, eggs benedict, avacodo and eggs, sandwiches) – all the stuff I would find at a great cafe back in Australia!

I say “possibly” because I’ve only been here a few days, however I have crawled and sussed out all the cafe’s here both by walking the whole strip and looking at their menu’s (coffee and food) as well as searching the internet for reviews. This place stood out immediately after seeing the menu, their cafe setup (coffee machine, decor etc. etc) and the food being served out to the tables…wow!

I actually had the top 2 cafe’s (according to the internet) to check out today, however I’d passed both of those and none of them looked interesting. It was on this trip I cam across this place and without having read any reviews or or recommendations from friends, I knew this looked like a good stop!

What was it like?

The place will grab you from it’s appearance from the outside. A heap of seating and modern, spacious chilled vibe to the place. There’s a menu that sits out the front, so go for life, check it out, I’m sure you’ll find something on there to please! I was pretty much sold just from the whole look of this place, but the menu really locked me in.

The service was immediate – the staff speak good English so I really recommend this place for someone on a holiday and looking for good coffee and some comfort food (that you’re used to back home).

I didn’t really look at their coffee menu only to see the usual good list up there and I just wanted my standard Capuccino – so a cappuccino it was. I figured I’d start with this as it was early in the morning and I don’t normally get hungry until around 9-10am. That’s the other good thing about this place – they open at 7am (unlike a lot of other cafe’s in Thailand) which is the perfect time for my first stop.

The coffee was pretty good, well above average, but the beans/coffee used wasn’t as fresh or as the same quality as some of the top rated cafe’s here in Thailand. It was mainly the strength that lacked in the coffee, I found it was more of a milky flavour, the strength of the coffee just wasn’t coming out of this cup :-(. I wasn’t complaining though as it was an awesome coffee and still the best I’ve had since being here (it’s been 3 days now since I went there and I’ve tried quite a few cafe’s, so I can say this now :-)).

I set my laptop here as well, and all in all I was well comfortable. Great table space, good WiFi, quality coffee, and I couldn’t wait to try out their breakfast menu. Problem was I wasn’t hanging around long as I had a heap of the town to check and needed to get moving, however I did need to fill myself with something before heading off as I knew I’d get hungry once I was on the move and needed a little something.

I opted for one of their smoothies – and believe it or not – I never order a smoothie from a cafe. If I’m going to order a smoothie I make them at home (which I do almost every day), as the smoothies here tend to have a heap of liquid syrup in them which is just too full of sugar (yeah – you can ask without – but sometimes without just means “a little less” here). Anyway, this place knew what they were doing so I ordered one of their smoothies without sugar (the Mixed Berry smoothie) and WOW! WOW! WOW! so much flavour there’s definitely no need for sugar in this thing. There was a good mix of starberries, blackberries, yogurt and perhaps some other berries 🙂 but it was amazingly tasty and gave me the best kick start to the day in a long time – It really gave me a heap of energy – I wanted to run this town, not walk it!

So what about the other breakfasts? Well becoming my favourite cafe here in Ao Nang, I visit Cafe8 most mornings so I was able to try out some of their other dishes as well – and yes, my favourite…Eggs on Toast! I was going to get the Eggs Benedict however I just customised my own (another good thing about this place – a good range of items on the menu to customise your own breaky) and just ordered some poached eggs on whole wheat bread.

The bread…wow the bread!!! I hadn’t had this type of bread sine being back home (I meant to ask where Katie ((the owner)) got it from). Normally if I’ve finished with the eggs and there is bread remaining, I just leave it. But this bread was so good, I needed to finish it all – and what better way than a spread of Vegemite!! A true Aussie spread!!! She brought it out more as a laugh, but I wasn’t laughing, I opened the jar and put a good tablespoon on the remaining bread and chowed it down! 🙂

I loved this place, and would be here most days if it were my home town, but there were more cafe’s to visit and I had to build my “must visit list” before my time here was up!

What will you remember?

I’d have to say the smoothie – only because it was my first cafe smoothie experience and I was really impressed. Had it 3 times now 🙂

Will you go back?

Yeah I’ve been back 4 times now and locking this in as my favourite place in the Ao Nang area of Krabi.

Where is it?

143/7-8, Ao Nang, Muang, Krabi 81180

Phone: +66 (0) 75 656 980

How do I get there?

If you’re coming from Ao Nang beach, just head east past the Burger King, McDonalds and Coffee Club, then the road (the main part of it) will turn left. Take the left turn and keep following the road for about another 300 meters and you’ll see it on your left.

What’s the price like?

Pretty reasonable – much the same as I would pay for a quality cafe in Hua Hin (perhaps a little less). Coffee is 70 baht (for a cappuccino), and you get two poached (or fried, scrambled eggs) for 55 baht (building your own breaky). So for my meal I added on two slices of that AMAZING bread for about 80 baht. I haven’t covered all of Thailand (yet), but these guys serve some of the best quality breakfast at the best prices I’ve seen.

Where can I connect with them online?

Check out their social pages here.




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