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Thought Walking In

Well before even arriving at this place I had high expectations as the location was perfect, range of food seemed good and prices looked great! I found the place a little hard to find as it sits in a large driveway / plaza off Sukhumvit in a group of other offices little shops (I’ve put some photos up of the front of the driveway so it might make the place easier to find). The place was VERY spacious (in fact they could easily throw a few more tables in there) and had more of a night bar type feel to it (dark/black ceilings and walls).

I’d already checked the menu out on the internet so I had a good idea of what to choose from, but I first went for a cappuccino while I set my laptop up and got bit of work done.

From the way the place was decked out and the range of food on the menu, I was looking forward to some pretty good coffee and breaky!

The Experience

Well I certainly had my expectations too high. The coffee was pretty ordinary – not horrible, but certainly not a place I’d go just for a coffee, there’s plenty of other better places around and charging the similar prices. The food…well…as soon as the waiter came walking out with the plate I was already disappointing.

The presentation was really sloppy with the poached eggs looking like a slobbery white mess and the piece of toast having like a flat pitta bread (having been cooked in a press toaster making it a 1mm thick (or should I say thin). It only came with one slice of toast which always ticks me off because if you’re dishing out two eggs – you dish out two pieces of toast.

The other food I saw coming out for other guests I have to say looked really good – but until I I go back (or if I go back), I can’t rate this place based on that because I haven’t tried it, but the Thai meals did look amazing!.

Thought Leaving

Disappointing and unsatisfied – I was looking forward to a good filling eggs on toast breakfast. Wouldn’t rate this as one of the best breakfast of bangkok.

What I Will Remember

The poor presentation of food and scabby one piece of toast (converted to pitta bread).

Will I Go Back?

Probably won’t be coming back here as it’s not an area I visit often and certainly wouldn’t come out here just to have a coffee, breakfast or brunch.


BLACKBOX – 888/8-9 Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan District, Bangkok, 10330, THAILAND

Getting There

BTS is probably best option as it’s about a 5 minute walk from Ploen Chit BTS station. Once you get off the BTS station – head West for about 50m and it’s on the left hand side in amongst a number of office buildings and shops (it’s a large driveway/plaza area). I’ve included photo’s of the entrance to the driveway from the street because it can be a little difficult to find.


OK, so the price was good – in fact probably one of the best price cafe’s I’ve blogged on to date – the eggs on toast was only 190 baht and did come with a side serve of french fries (and the french fries we actually quite good). These guys have their menu and prices online so you can click on the link below and see for yourself – but very reasonable!


You can check out their website here

You can check out their Facebook page here.


They have it…but I ended up using my mobile as a WiFi hotspot because it kept dropping out.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Food Quality
  • Coffee Quality


Great location, great price, not the best eggs on toast or coffee or WiFi.

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