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Another coffee roaster in Hua Hin!

Anjana – A coffee roaster, coffee machine supplier and Cafe just at the top of Hin Lhek Fai.

They’re certainly not new to Hua Hin (as they’ve been around for quite a while), but they were new to me today. They were actually recommended to me a couple of years back, and it was only today I decided to take a ride up their and check it out.

The shop itself has a nice outdoor area surrounded with plants and some water features, a main showroom area where you can see all their coffee machines, grinders, and coffee beans for sale, and then the cafe, which is an indoor air conditioned area able to to sit about 15 people.

I had a quick look through the shop to start with, and it was pretty impressive. A lot of quality coffee machines and grinders to choose from, and a good range as well (as far as price and quality goes). Most of the machines I thought were more suitable for a home or small cafe, but there’s some big beasts available as well. There was a HUGE selection of coffee beans, and all at very reasonable prices. I took a quick glance at a few bags and the prices were around 250 baht for a 500 gram bag, which is a very good price!

The cafe serves mainly drinks, however there are a few light snacks (sweets) to choose from that sit on the counter.

I ordered a cappuccino and a Mango smoothie. The cappuccino was definitely above average here and I’d say in the top 30% of coffee’s I’ve had in Hua Hin. A cappuccino can sometimes make any coffee taste good because the milk can hide the quality a little and so if it’s nice, thick, and creamy you might like the drink, but quality of coffee isn’t actually that good (eg. Starbucks – milk and syrup!). The quality of coffee really came through though, and that’s what I think makes a good cappuccino ie. being able to taste the quality of coffee in your cup and having a good kick to it.  The cost of a cappuccino here is 60 baht.

The mango smoothie was good as well – I’d asked for one without sugar and/or yogurt (I’m not sure if yogurt comes in it normally, but I asked for without anyway, as often they do), and the lady obviously listened well cause it was made perfect! The smoothie cups are pretty big too – definitely one of the larger sized smoothies I’ve ordered, and the cost is around 80 baht.

Overall I was pretty impressed the place and it actually exceeded my expectations before arriving here. It’s a damn good coffee, but still maybe a little out of the way for me to come just for a cup of coffee. It is worth the trip though if I’m gonna stock up on some coffee beans while I’m there as well though.

What did you like most about the place?

The freshly roasted beans – always love having a coffee from a place that roast their own beans.

What other features/facilities stood out?

The showroom – OK, it’s just another showroom, but it’s something to take a look at while you’re there.

What are the prices like?

Pretty good, 60 baht for a quality coffee is definitely a cheap coffee.

Where are they located?

Probably best to check out the map – but here’s the address

Anjana Coffee Roastery Hua-hin ( Coffee-Coffee Co.,Ltd.)
254 -254/1 M.15, Tambol: Hin Lhek Fai, Hua Hin Prachup Khiri Khan Thailand 77110

Facebook Page

check out their facebook page here

What to Expect
  • 5/10
    Location - 5/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Food/Drink Quality - 8.5/10


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